16 Looks of Selena Quintanilla that demonstrate why it is the queen of the bodice and ‘crop-top’

One of our it girls favorite will be forever Selena Quintanilla, and it taught us that being fashionable and having style is never going to mean the same thing. In addition to his musical talent, the queen of Tex Mex had the gift to take advantage of the best trends of your generation and to adapt them to their essence and figure.

Their large curves and wide hips were the ideal body of the whole Latin girl of the 90’s, boasting entallados pants to the waist and small tops that made of his body a silhouette balanced and feminine. The original looks of Selena Quintanilla showed his talent for dress, and the reason why you will always be the queen of the bustier. Here you have a gallery in their best attire!

1. Before the bralette, Selena popularized the bustier

mujer con top blanco de red

2. Always used… even if his dad did not like the idea

mujer con croptop rojo cruzado

3. We can not blame them, they were clothing items that are too cute

mujer con croptop de piedras de colores

4. Sometimes the bodice was short and revealing

mujer con crop top con cinturon y chamarra morada

5. At other times they were more pieces hole

mujer con un conjunto azul

6. But most of them were small works of art

mujer con corp top de piedras

7. She designed his costume

mujer con corp top y pantalon de cintura alta

8. It became an indispensable part of your wardrobe

mujer con corp top y conjunto de tela color morado

9. Do not you would have a bustier designed by Selena?

mujer con falda y crop top de piedras blancas

10. The details were everything!

mujer con crop top de piedras blancas y boina

11. As the shoulders of tulle

mujer con jeans croptop con hombreras de velo

12. He was also a lover of crop tops

mujer con corp top de terciopelo

13. I knew them so sexy, but not vulgar

mujer con brasiere y crop top transparente

14. Teaching the belly button was almost a sport

Mujer con jeans de mezclilla con top blanco

15. Made of a long shirt something “short”

mujer con camisa blanca

Queen of the high waist and the strapless bodice 🙌

Looks mujer chamarra de mezclilla con bustier