Johnny Depp surprises his fans with a physique emaciated; what will it be for a new role?

For many years, Johnny Depp has been in the list of the suitors most desired of Hollywood, and most of the girls they pine for him.

A few days ago the actor, who will turn 55 years old next June 9, was caught in some countries in Europe with his group The Hollywood Vampires, but their appearance with little hair, thin and pale shocked his thousands of followers.

The life of Depp is darkening


After the death of his mother and the complex separation of Amber Heard, Depp is going from bad to worse: it has been submitted drunk at public events, and was involved in more than one court battle.

But the behavior problems could also be added health complications.

Its appearance cadaveric alarm to your fans

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During his musical tour through Russia, several fans posted the pictures that they managed next to him. Its look pale, thin, and the lack of beard and hair also alarmed their followers.

But it could all be part of a movie

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Some followers claimed that the reason that he was thinner was because it had been shaved; for others, it could be a disease.

The truth is that in just a few days, Depp underwent an incredible transformation-and this could be due to its role in the tape, Richard Says Goodbye, in which he plays a college professor who resigns after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Will there be time to say goodbye?

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However, the rest of the people said that this is his end, because he has ceased to be the actor’s most coveted Hollywood to be placed in the doors of oblivion.