The 10 rituals of marriage more strange; for if you thought that tossing the bouquet was ‘extreme’

We know that each world region has their own customs that distinguish them from the rest of the countries, but there are some that are really out of reason, especially when we talk about rituals for successful marriages.

It could be said that some superstitions are really crazy, but when forming part of a tradition, the believers are obliged to do what they are told with the purpose of achieving the best alliances. We present to you 10 of the most bizarre that there are in the world to achieve a happy and lasting marriage.

1. Borneo

tradiciones extrañas de matrimonio

In the city of Tidong have the belief that defecating “ejects” the fertility of the body, so it is prohibited the newly married couple go to the toilet for three consecutive days after the ceremony. To achieve this, both must take a special diet and, if it were to fail, they are monitored all the time to not cheat.

2. South korea

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

In some regions, the man has to prove his manhood in a very peculiar way. The day of the wedding a family member must hit the soles of the feet with a fish, while asked about their future plans. Among the more scream is better and, if supported, it means that it is a male completely.

3. China

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

The tradition brand that women should cry at least once a day for a month prior to the wedding. After the first 10 days it is joined by the mother and, finally, to the 20 days, the grandmother. When finally comes the long-awaited event, all the guests have to cry.

4. Mauritania

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

In some people have the belief that overweight women are more fertile. If the bride is thin, has the obligation to fatten up to reach a significant amount of weight or until the bridegroom says that his bride has fattened enough.

5. South China

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

Before starting the preparations for the wedding has to have the approval of the nature. Between the two grooms, each one with one hand, kill a chicken and take your liver; if it is in good condition, it is a good omen and can continue with plans. But if not, kill as many as necessary, until a healthy one.

6. Himalaya

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

This is one of the customs more strange, because one of the obligatory acts before the link is that the bride has sex with the grandfather of the groom, even if the couple has not had intimacy. The reason is to “mark” promised to that no one else can touch, and everything stays in family. If the girl becomes pregnant, the grandparent must care for and raise the child as if it were their own.

7. Cambodia

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

When a young man of the tribe kreung reaches the age of majority, begins the search for a husband. Then the parent has the obligation to build him a hut in which she will be able to have as many sexual encounters as you want, until you choose the one that you like as a husband. The man selected is obliged to accept and must marry but does not want. As a curious fact, the rate of divorce in the tribe is virtually non-existent.

8. Bali

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

Pulling a tooth is a religious ceremony of the balinese culture. Because the teeth of both the groom as the bride are considered to be symbols of lust, greed, anger and jealousy. They soften to be able to mark the transition from puberty to adulthood, in addition to freeing the people from the ill negative effects that are likely to interfere with your spiritual growth.

9. Kyrgyzstan

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

Kyz ala kachuu , means “to take a young woman and escape”, and it sounds like something crazy but this tradition has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world. The ritual known as bride kidnapping or marriage by capture is a practice in which a man kidnaps the woman he wishes to marry. In Kyrgyzstan, an old saying says that the tears on the day of the wedding will make the marriage to be happy. Until 1991, the year that finally made it illegal to do so, many parents allowed their daughters to marry if they had been kidnapped, especially if they were crying.

10. Sweden

tradiciones raras de matrimonio

The tradition of the kiss is something very popular in that country, but not just between the groom and the bride, in fact any guest has the opportunity to give her a kiss to one of the bride and groom. The custom says that during the ceremony, the groom should disappear a few minutes for any reason, and in the meantime, all the young people who are not married are allowed to give a kiss to the bride. The same happens to the groom by the guests, if the bride leaves the room.