Learn how to make up to his wife at the age of 84, and captive to the stylist for the Kardashian

For many women, makeup is a fundamental part of the day-to-day, some even refuse to leave home without it. Although the men say not to be so fond of that their girlfriends make-up in excess, there are others who will even help and make you look spectacular. This is the case of Des and Mona.

Des, of 84 years, took a course to learn to make up to his wife Mona when she began to have vision problems. His story was made viral thanks to the maquillista Rosie O Driscoll, who taught him how to use the brushes and apply the eyeliner in the correct way. Your story came at the hands of Mario Dedivanovic, maquillista professional Kim Kardashian, and, touched with the gesture of love with Des, he did not hesitate to invite the couple to a master class to improve your technique.

Des and Mona joined their lives 56 years ago

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Have been together in health, in sickness, poverty and wealth, ensuring that not even death itself can separate.

His health is deteriorating

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Although Des is healthy, Mona has had problems with his sight, to the degree that it is not able to put on makeup by herself.

Des helps his beloved in everything you can

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For this reason, he joined make-up classes, so that helps the love of his life to stay radiant in any occasion.

His talent with the brushes is amazing

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We had a birthday party and Mona said: “I’m going to go to my make-up”. And so we met Rosie.

Rosie O Driscoll was in charge of helping Mona with her change of look, but at that time Des asked him to stop trying to make up to his wife and the result impacted the present.

She looks more radiant than ever

hombre maquillando a su esposa

Des improved the technique of application of base, outline and shading basic in little time. Now consents to his wife with a change of look daily, increasing their self-esteem and demonstrating his love in a very peculiar way.

His story moved the maquillista staff of Kim Kardashian

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The gesture of love of Des has captivated people all over the world, Mario Dedivanovic, maquillista of Kim Kardashian, is one of them.

Mario was so surprised that he asked his representative to contact the couple in love, to give them an all-expense paid trip to the city of London, where they were special guests of his master class.

His love is not based on the colors

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While the cosmetics and brushes came to change his life, his love remains intact despite the time and the comments.

She has not really changed. Mona and I are in agreement that less is more. I don’t want my beloved full of makeup. She is beautiful as seen in the awakening.