Photographer transforms grannies in pin-up girls and revive the confidence in if same

Chrissy Sparks is a photographer able to capture the beauty of any person using techniques of makeup, lighting, and editing. But above all it is that women, even when they are in the third age, to feel attractive and sexy. Thanks to this, he founded Dollhouse Photography, a studio where you have more of 250 thousand dollars on lingerie, corsets, dresses, costumes and other accessories that make women feel beautiful.

Some of the clients of Sparks arrive nervous and insecure with their bodies, but after the session, and when you see the finished work, their self-esteem increases, they smile and see your beauty -internal and external – it is amazing. It is as well as the photographer transforms women into sexy girls Pin up.

1. Joanna has 58

Mujer de la tercera edad antes y después de una sesión de fotos donde usó un traje de pin up

In an interview for the Mirror, Chrissy said:

I want women to have a photo session complete and the pictures are like a magazine cover. With my work I celebrate the women, and the costumes, the lighting and style adequate, I can get the best out of the beauty of a woman.

2. Jane is 65 years old and is captivating

Mujer rubia de la tercera edad fotografiada como una chica pin up con un vestido rojo

The study Dollhouse Photography does photo sessions to any person, but are the older women that have transformations that are more surprising.

After a session of photos, work in post-production: remove the cellulite, the scars, the bruises, blemishes and the uneven skin tone. Also reduce wrinkles and molding the silhouette.

3. Tricia is 60 years old and look enigmatic

Mujer de la tercera edad antes y despué sde ser fotografiada como pin up en un sillón

Chrissy recognizes that most of their clients arrive very nervous, to the sessions, but strives to make them feel confident and relaxed.

Older women want to look good, they are not interested in pursuing the youth.

4. Pauline is 78 years old and a sensuality enviable

Mujer adulta vestida como pin up recostada sobre la cama

The results of the sessions make the self-esteem of their clients to increase.

I have seen all kinds of reactions: from bursting into tears until laughter uncontrollable. Sometimes I receive thank-you cards and gifts, but it comforts me to know that I gained the confidence in themselves.

5. Mavis is 67 years old and a perfect body

Mujer fotografiada como una pin up dentro de una copa de champaña

See the women so happy with their images makes the long hours and work worth it.