10 Evidence that Harry Styles is the younger version of Juan Gabriel; I stole all your looks!

Juan Gabriel is irreplaceable. The singer of Michoacán, Mexico, that marked many generations, from your grandmother to ourselves, and not only their songs will be remembered forever, but also their outfits.

Although at some point the journalist Nicolás Alvarado said that they did not consider Juanga a national hero and that he did not like their sequins “nacas”, Harry Styles apparently loves and we have pictures to prove it.

The former One Direction have used several colorful costumes, bright and with lots of sequins, almost identical to the Divo of Juárez used to look when he was on stage.

1. Like when you ask for a letter jacket provided to your boyfriend and never come back

hombres usando trajes de color rojo

2. As when it comes to fall into the trap

hombres usando trajes de negro con dorado

3. At what point will this happened to the seamstress Harry?

hombres usando trajes de color plata

4. Luckily I used the same sac, although it would have been great

hombre susando trajes de color morado

5. What if she also sings one of Juanga to pay homage to him?

hombres usando trajes en rosa

6. We challenge you to find the 5 differences…

hombres usando trajes en café

7. It PROVEN! These outfits are provided

hombres usando trajes en azul cielo

8. Do you also copy their dance steps?

hombres usando trajes en blanco

9. So soft and sweet as a peach, as we say, for Harry, of course

hombres usando trajes en durazno

10. Because no one shines brighter than them

hombres usando trajes en lila