Crayola has launched its new line of makeup and our inner child is excited

Time ago, Crayola collaborated with Sally at a collection of enamels for nails. After shaking the world with their creations, opted for a set of lip balms next to Clinique. Now the company colors is joining forces with the store ASOS to launch a new line of cosmetics.

Crayola Beauty have lip glosses that change color, lighting, palettes of eye shadows, masks, lashes, and a fantastic kit of brushes for you to be an artist, by mixing the 98 shades that will be available.

It is time to go back to coloring!

chica con rostro pintado de colores

Only now you’ll do on your face.

With the makeup line that Crayola has released next to ASOS

labiales en recipientes de crayolas

Consíguela here.

Their masks for eyelashes, lipsticks and illuminators

rimel en color azul

Encuéntralas in three different tones.

You will get a touch full of colour to your look

maquillaje en crema en tonos dorados

Choose the one that works best with your skin tone.

Your set of brushes is prefect to achieve your objective

brochas de colores

As soft as a piece of heaven.

Their eyeliners in bright shades enhance your look

cajas de crayolas

Collect them right here.

Their palettes shadows are the tones that you have always dreamed of

s ombras en tonos neutros

Choose the color you like.

What are you waiting for to renew your makeup?

chica usando boina de color café

Make your own work of art!