These cakes with designs of puppies are SO adorable that you will not be able to eat them

Many times we look for the best ideas for the cake of our birthday to be special, and the presentation and originality play an important role at the time of choosing it.

Now imagine a cake mix your favorite flavors with the face of your beloved puppy, it’s sure that you could not eat a single slice, but it does give you the best photos for your Instagram.

There are cakes that look delicious, and others that are adorable

pastel de perrito beige

As of these cute puppies

pastel de perrito color café

Are created thread by thread of delicious frosting

Pastel de perrito pug

Its appearance is so real that you will not be able to eat a single slice

pastel en forma de perro gris

But you will get photos worthy of Instagram

pastel de perrito blanco

You can request your own version

pastel de perrito husky

With either the face of your pet, or well, with the breed of dog that is more pleasing to you

Patel de perrito salchicha

It all depends on your imagination

pastel en forma de perro color beige

And the value that you have to eat it

pastel de perrito color gris