12 Tips to lower your stress and give you a second chance to your side zen

Everyone feels stress from time to time, right? Either by a problem on the job, upcoming exams, commitments, unexpected, the famous lack of time and a long etcetera.

The problem is that trying to eliminate the stress and not do it just makes you feel it more, and besides, it turns your daily life into a maze without an exit. The good news is ending up with stress and even prevent it is very easy and fun.

1. Give yourself a break

chica bebiendo vino

Even if you have a full agenda of tasks, give yourself 15 minutes a day to distract you and restore your energy.

2. Listening to music

chica en el karaoke

Music has amazing powers and we can change the mood in seconds. Cántalas or listen to them at full volume regardless of who can hear you.

3. Don’t stop to laugh

chicas divertidas en la playa

What better way to take out the stress with a laugh. This produces endorphins, decreases stress, and gives you the best moments of your life.

4. Read as many books as you can

chica leyendo libros

The reading transports you to another place and makes you forget for a time your problems and concerns.

5. Exercise your body

chica haciendo ejercicio

It is proven that exercising releases tension and improves your mood. Get up out of your bed and walk or run for at least 20 minutes a day.

6. Breathe deeply

chica haciendo yoga

The deep breathing exercises help you to calm your mind and improve your perspective, because they stimulate the production of endorphins, hormones that generate well-being.

7. Talk for hours

amigas comiendo nutella

Let out the stress, whether screaming, crying, laughing or talking. You will feel more calm and relaxed when talking.

8. Petting your pet

chica jugando con su perro

If you are close to your pet, take the opportunity to caress her when you feel very tense, because, according to researchers from the National Center for Infectious Diseases, this decreases the blood pressure caused by stress.

9. Clean your bedroom

chica en su habitación

The disorder is a reflection of all the stress you live with, well organized and you’ll feel how to flow things better.

10. Travel!

chica de viaje

If you can’t pay you a vacation with all of the law, then plan out a weekend or a day trip. The change of scenery will sit well.

11. Enjoy the sunset

chica viendo el atardecer

There’s something deeply beautiful in the colors of the sunset. Calms and nourishes your soul enjoying these simple pleasures and natural.

12. Have fun

chica en un concierto

A sporting event, a show in the theatre, a concert, a live band, anything that interests you. It takes a bit of time to go to see something that gives you energy or inspires you.