Women untimely are more successful than those that do not arrive late at work

If you are that coworker or friend that is characterized by late arrival to any place, and you tend to be judged by it, we have good news for you: your delay might bring great benefits.

In their more recent studies, the scientists claimed that the girls untimely are more friendly, more creative, and live longer, because they do not carry stress. Now it seems that those with bad news are more responsible and living obsessed with the punctuality of the clock.

To be unpunctual is synonymous with success

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This is not a joke, be unpunctual has become synonymous with success, because, according to the study published on researchgate, if you are one of those girls who do not arrive on time to any side, you are more successful and creative than the rest.

In addition, you are considered a person with the ability to do multiple tasks because you pay attention to several tasks at the same time and you lose track of time until it was completed.

Your notion of time is almost zero

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But that is not all. In the same study it is stated that the girls untimely are also optimistic, because in their world they believe that they have more time than you actually have, away your heart of the stress and the diseases it causes.

In conclusion, and in agreement with the results, you don’t have the guilt of being unpunctual, simply perceive and live the world differently to others.