Let the stars know you! This is the age likely that you will want children according to your sign

If you know someone who has a baby, you’ve probably heard that the day you became a mother has been the best. The life they had before their children came is a distant memory and your new job is the most loving in the world.

There are girls who prefer to have children as soon as possible, and there are others who choose to wait for a while. However, there is a potential age in which you become a mother, according to your zodiac sign.


chica jugando con su bebé

If you have decided to be a mother, probably before your 20 years.


chica embarazada tomando selfie

Will take a while to get to the decision to have your first heir. You need to be prepared financially and mentally. Something that usually happens after the age of 30.


madre e hija haciendo duck face

Also you are a girl of heart, so you’ll want to form a family between 20 and 30 years.


chic ajugando con su bebé

You value the home and family, so that you could have children around 20 years of age.


familia cepillándose los dientes

When you imagine yourself as a mom, you see the image of a perfect family. However, you need to prepare mentally to be the best mother there is. For this reason the stork will visit you after the age of 30.


chica besando a su hija en la frente

You probably already have a list of names for your baby, and this is the reason why, believe it or not, all of your friends know that you want to have kids before the age of 20.


chica disfrazada de conejo

You want to have it all as a mother and, therefore, you prefer to have your first-born among the 20 and 30 years. At this age you still feel that you can interact with him as he grows and at the same time be mature enough to guide him to greatness.


chica embarazada paseando en coche

Once you’ve made the decision to have children, nothing will stop you. But take a long break of 25 to 35 years, before changing diapers.


chic ajugando con su bebé

Probably you have planned to see a million adventures before you settle down and start a family. Maybe you don’t want to have children until you are over 30.


familia dormida

You might have personal plans that you would like to accomplish before having a baby, and when you do, would you like to live in economic stability. It makes sense that you should wait until you’re near 30 years old.


chica viendo películas junto a su perro

You are known for being independent and free spirit. So maybe you should wait until age 30 to have your first shoot.


chica usando pantalones rotos

Have you ever felt that having a baby is your destination. However, you prefer to wait for late 20 or early 30 to be a mother.