15 Tips for making the best trip of your life and without being in bankruptcy

With the time, the daily life tends to be overwhelming, as in the end of the school or the number of tasks in the office, diseases, pollution and small details that accumulate until you end up stressed out. When that happens, it is best to take a break to feel really free, and mistress of yourself; the truth is that maybe you need to travel.

Discover a city, a magic town, swim in crystal clear waters and dancing until dawn under the light of the moon. Anything that involves a getaway with you and the activities that you’re dying to do. Below we give you some top tips for planning a trip according to your possibilities and to escape a few days of tedious reality.

1. Choose the destination that most suits your possibilities

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First you should think what kind of site you want to launch; then what is the quantity of cash that you have. Choose the one that best fits, taking into account the distance, the cost of the passage and a calculation of the days that you want to stay.

2. Check out blogs of travel

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Once you have chosen your destination, look for information to know all the activities that are recommended, as well as places of interest, what food is native and what you should avoid. The travellers ‘ blogs are very useful, they tend to tell you how to get to special places and personal experiences; this will help you to train you a criterion on what you want to experience.

3. Make a travel itinerary

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It is necessary to review the activities that you want to do on the site that you chose to take advantage of every day and to get to know its wonders. If you’re going to a beach, you can stay for a day to get a tend, another to prepare for any activity such as snorkeling or surfing. A night of drinks with your girlfriends or attend an outdoor concert. Take advantage of your time planning one-half of your activities if possible; the things that particularly you want to do when you’re there.

4. You need a savings plan

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It’s time to get the calculator and check how much money you earn per month, what are your expenses and what amount will go direct to the bank account.

For example: you want to go to Japan for a month, you need to investigate the cost of the passport and answer: do you need an entry visa?, how much time do you want to be there?, how much does a round trip airplane ticket? In addition, you have to make an estimate of housing, food, and gifts. Perhaps to go so far you’ll have to strive a year to raise money or choose a destination more adaptable that only involves a month of savings.

5. Sells items that are easy to make

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From desserts to jewelry, you can start by being the distributor of the candy university or try selling earrings, bracelets or necklaces are taken out of tutorials from Pinterest. You will need to make accounts to see how much money you invest and how much cash you’ll make with your sales.

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When you are traveling with company, the costs are reduced when you rent a car or pay for hotel rooms. Some outdoor activities are divided between the participants, the more friends you bring the more economic it will be. And not only that, it also multiplies the fun.

7. Record the date and start planning

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After deciding where you’ll go and the budget, you just have to choose a day. Date enough time to save and gather the cash that you need before setting a date, if you’re going to buy plane tickets it is advisable that you do a minimum of a month before to get a more economical fare.

8. Remember to book

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Many hotels and hostels offer cheaper rates if the booking is made with time. In addition, you do not need the entire amount, you can do it with a 10 percent of the total cost of the stay.

9. If you want to save…

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Many travellers use apps to stay free in exchange for their skills. One option is Couchsurfing, only you must fill out the form and post the date of your trip, the users invite you to stay with them or you can write to them personally. It is a choice to stay free for a couple of days and get to know a local to show you the secrets of the place.

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TrustedHousesitters is a global community that connects people who love to travel as well as enjoy the company of animals. You just need to register and search for web hosting, you will be in charge of the household for a couple of days to change to give love to the dog of someone.

11. I volunteer at the place you like the most

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Another option to save money and travel for a long time is to sign up for Work Away, charge you an initial fee, and fill out a form with your details, skills and interests. After that, it is a matter of looking for a hostel, farm, or establishment in which you work in exchange of accommodation; in some cases include food. Normally the jobs are five days a week for four to six hours per day, which gives you freedom to explore.

12. Acquire everything you need

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Sometimes it is better to buy all the basics in the grocery store that you already know that wasting time in your destination looking for a bottle of the shampoo added with vitamins that you wear or the sunscreen that does not take you out allergy.

13. It prepares the suitcase!

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According to your destination, organize what garments you need, try not to carry excess baggage. If you go to the forest you don’t need high heels; if you’re going to the beach, avoid taking that coat fluffy. Always check the forecast of the climate for that you do not forget an umbrella in case of rain.

14. Take lots of photos

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It is important that you enjoy the time and moments that will live on in the trip, but don’t forget to take a couple of photographs to see in the future. A year after, you feel very happy to rediscover that journey.

15. Let’s enjoy!

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When the date arrives and you embark on this great adventure, you just have to try everything that you want, to dance and save in your memory the moments more amazing.