15 Data crazy about your favorite celebrities that insurance is also desconocías

You can tell which films have worked, how many discs have been recorded or who have had a romance. But surely you don’t know these fun facts about your celebrities.

Did you know that Brad Pitt was a driver and was disguised as a pet in the restaurants before you jump to fame? What if I tell you that the legs of Mariah Carey are worth more than your house?

1. Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Hillary Clinton have more Grammys than Katy Perry

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All three won Grammy awards in the category of Spoken Word. Despite having been nominated for one 13 times, Katy Perry has never won.

2. Kesha went secretly to the house of Prince

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She left her demo with the hope that the singer will like and she will find the way to fame.

3. Taylor Swift modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch

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Before being famous, the singer was a model. Years later the brand launched a t-shirt mocking their loving relationships.

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Justin’s mother became the law guardian of Ryan while they were doing The Mickey Mouse Club, as the mother of Ryan had to stay in Canada to work.

5. Why does Ariana Grande always wears were ponytails?

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Ariana uses the same hairstyle due to the damage of bleaching that required their hair every 15 days.

6. The legs of Mariah Carey are worth a fortune

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Their legs and vocal cords are insured for $ 70 million.

7. Janis from Mean Girls is inspired by a singer

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The singer of folk music Janis Ian inspired the producers of Mean Girls, to create the personality of the best friend of Dady.

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And is not afraid to show them.

9. Perrie Edwards has no sense of smell

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The model has a condition called anosmia congenital, which means that he was born without the sense of smell.

10. Beyoncé is allergic to fragrances

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However, he has a line of perfumes.

11. Katy Perry could not eat Lucky Charms girl

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This is due to the fact that his parents were extremely religious and believed that the word Lucky was associated with Lucifer.

12. Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant, very peculiar

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Here guests make donations to charity or volunteer in the kitchen. The idea is to provide low-income families an alternative to feed.

13. Adele can’t use his own Twitter

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After all the tweets that he wrote to be drunk, her manager imposed a new rule: a second person will have to verify everything that is uploaded to your social network.

14. David Bowie had different colored eyes because of a punch

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The nail of the opponent Bowie scratched the surface of your eyeball, by paralyzing the muscles that contract the iris and resulting in anisocoria, a condition in which the eyes have pupils of different sizes.

15. Elvis Presley was blonde natural

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The personal stylist of the singer revealed that her hair had to be dyed every two or three weeks to keep its jet black.