Villain of The Powerpuff Girls is now part of Gorillaz, and has an affair with Noodle!

At the heart of all girl Cartoon Network always live the memories along with the cartoon The Powerpuff Girls and their fight against the villains more funny. Between some of these bad guys that we met is the Band of Gangrene, that in which their leader, Ace, had a love-crazed one of love to the rough and agría Acorn.

The love between heroine and villain, perhaps, could never be consolidated, but all the evidence suggests that Cupid gave you a second chance to the head of the Gangrene, and now has a new romance I never would have guessed: o Noodle, the guitarist is asian of Gorillaz!

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On the 29th of June, premiered The Now Now, new album of the band virtual most famous of all time, Gorillaz, and despite the fact that their bassist original, Murdoc, is still detained in jail for a fight with a criminal during the recording of the video, Strobelite, the alignment british got a replacement and it is none other than Ace, the Band’s Gangrene.

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To promote the launch of the future album, the group released two singles, Lake Zurich and Humilty, and it is in the second where it appears for the first time the villain’s Chocolate, Bubble and Buttercup, as an official member of Gorillaz. This only confirms the theory that the band and The Powerpuff Girls exist in the same universe: that crossover do not have, nor Infinty War!

Fans confirmed the theory on Twitter

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The creator of Power Puff Girls, Craig McCracken, he made references to the illustrator of Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett, with small tributes to her work, that one even appears in the movie of The Powerpuff Girls, in 2003.

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Could it be that the integration of Ace, the band is no more than a response to the references of Hawlett made by McCracken in the caricature of the superheroínas.

Ace now comes with Noodle

Or will even that Acorn might be in their free time a talented guitarist next to Russel, 2-D and Murdoc (when not in trouble with the law)?