15 Reasons why Ansel Elgort is the cute guy that you should NEVER let go

Thanks to Under the same star all the girls in the world, we realized that there is a new hottie… Ansel Elgort, a hollywood that we are stealing the heart.

If you still doubt fall in love with this guy, check out these 15 reasons why you should convert it to your crush. All are filled with beauty, sympathy and charisma.

1. Their dance steps

chico bailando mientras usa traje sastre

In addition to her acting career, it is a great ballet dancer and has participated in works such as The nutcracker and swan lake, in New York.

2. Is Dj and singer

chico tocando una tornamesa

He has played in music festivals such as the Ultra and has opened concerts for The Chainsmokers and other greats such as Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix.

3. Her music video Thief does not stop becoming obsessed

[embedded content]

On the contrary, it reminds us of our obsession to him.

4. It has a promising future in Hollywood

chico modelando con la camisa abierta

And we can’t wait to see your next movie Jonathan, in the will to twins (double visual delight), and Mayday 109, that will give life to John F. Kennedy.

5. It is a fashion lover

chico usando traje sastre

Ansel is not afraid to break the rules when of style it is. Whether on the red carpet or with their looks of the day-to-day.

6. Melt down shoes

chico modelando tenis con diseño camuflaje

That’s why it will launch its own line of sneakers.

7. It is a romantic!

chico besando a su novia en Nueva York

Proof of this is the love story with his girlfriend from high school and current partner, Violetta. Only have to you in a separate occasion (at the beginning of the career of Ansel due to his busy schedule) and now they travel the world from your reconciliation.

8. It is considered as the perfect boyfriend

chico besando a su novia en la espalda

The actor chose his bride for the video of the Thief, where they shared exciting scenes, because I do not want to kiss another woman.

9. She has a heart of gold

chico usando chaqueta de cuero

Ansel collaborates with the foundation, The Thirst Project, which seeks to provide access to safe drinking water to different affected communities.

10. Made the best cover of City of Star of The Land

chico tocando el piano

And you can see it right here.

11. His favorite time is the winter

chico vestido de conejo

We would like to accompany him at that time to embrace it.

12. Plays basketball, and she looks sexy without a shirt

chico jugando baloncesto

To support him in a match would not be a problem.

13. You have the height perfect

chico usando camisa de tirantes

Ansel measuring 1.91 metres of pure sensuality.

14. Your smile is the most beautiful in the world

chico sonriendo

And it is not a topic to discuss.

15. In short, Ansel is perfection

chico sin camisa y con pantalón oscuro

We all are in agreement.