Girlfriend breaks the rules by wearing their bridesmaids to tuxedos, and the result is EPIC

In a wedding it is impossible for anyone to outshine the bride, but that is what (almost) happened in the marriage of Aaisha Thomas and Eureke Jones.

We are accustomed to see the bridesmaids wearing delicate dresses, so Aaisha decided that their companions carry tuxedos in blue, causing all kinds of reactions when you break the typical stereotypes of the wedding.

Aaisha and Eureke wanted a memorable wedding

pareja d erecien casados saliendo de la iglesia

Therefore her bridesmaids wore tuxedos more original

chica usando vestido de boda

Just look at them, they’re so cute that you’d go with one of any party

chica sosteniendo ramo de flores

Even the knights of honor looked spectacular

chicas con los brazos cruzados

Blinde & Keep was the company in charge of creating the pieces

chica afuera de la iglesia

And now its stunning designs are the trend

chicas usando ropa de color azul

The couple achieved their goal: an unforgettable party and one look spectacular

chica usando vestido con corte sirena