This is the type of wedding that you are according to your zodiac sign; I love your character as it is!

Do you consider yourself a girl applicant or insecure in your relationships? Don’t try to change your way of being, since that character is what represents you and will appeal to the kid ideal.

To make a relationship endure, you must know exactly what you’re looking for in a man, this will help you get out wound. Lean on the stars and discover the type of bride that you are, according to your zodiac sign, and begins a new relationship with the right foot.

Aries: adventurous

pareja de novios en el mar

You are the type of bride active, bold, who loves to travel and be in motion. Trends home not going with you.

Taurus: demanding

pareja de novios paseando en la feria

Not even the hottest person in the world could convince you to love it immediately; you’d like to know, since you’re not willing to lose the time.

Gemini: passionate

pareja de novios jugando en una tienda de discos

The life partner with you is more exciting because there is never a dull moment, and there is not a week that you are exactly the same.

Cancer: loving

pareja de novios bes√°ndose en la playa

Almost all of the days sales from your routine to make sure your partner feels loved and supported. You do feel very good to those who have at your side.

Leo: sexi

pareja de novios viajando en el metro

You love the feeling of seeing you and be desirable, and although some may complain that you are expensive or wasteful, there is a reason that you prefer: for you are dazzling!

Virgo: ripe

pareja de novios comiendo pizza

When a man thinks of the woman next to which you would like to grow old, can you imagine a girl virgo.

Do you have the problems under control, they have a good job, you are awesome with money; in addition, you hate drama.

Libra: sociable

pareja de novios recolectando naranjas

You are warm and loving with all that you know, so that you are the girl that all want to bring their social events.

Scorpio: intense

pareja d enovios sobre el tapete de su sala

Because your sensual energy, strong and confident, you are a lover unforgettable. Each interaction revolves around the fun game of sexuality.

Sagittarius: cheerful

pareja de novio jugando con almohadas

You are the person most fun and funny in your group of friends. All remember you with a smile. Desprendes good vibes and your humor is quality more themes that you have.

Capricorn: traditional

pareja de novios en un campo de flores

You are conservative in the good sense: with class, someone that demands the respect it deserves without having to utter a word.

Aquarius: passionate

Pareja de novios practicando toga

You are full of passion and charisma enough to convince anyone to be so passionate about a cause as you.

Pisces: nostalgic

Pareja de novios cenando

You’re a girl who appreciates good food, books, beautiful art and intelligent conversation. You tend to attract older partners, not because they are people perverted, but because they see the maturity in you.