15 Celebrities talk about their first kiss, some were QUITE embarrassing

Do you remember your first kiss? What is more likely is that it was a rare moment and full of nerves that were piling up in your stomach. Now imagine that that moment had happened in the middle of a studio full of cameramen, assistants, stylists, etc.

It would be too embarrassing, and worse if your dad has the wonderful idea of traveling alone to support you while you kiss that special person, as in the case of the actor Josh Hutcherson who, like 14 other celebrities, will never forget that “special moment”.

chica usando ropa oscura

I was 12 years old and says that it was magical: a companion of the school, Cameron Mitchell, went to his house and when they were firing, out of nowhere, I kissed her!

chico con ojos verdes

When I was 11 years old, was with two friends and a friend watching a movie, and just kissed each other! Impossible to resist him.

chico con cabello rubio

It was very strange, I was 11 years old and was on a hill with snow next to a girl, and no longer kissed her.

chica con cabello largo y rubio

I had No idea what I was doing, but he knew exactly what he was doing. Something quite uncomfortable for the actress.

chica con blusa de estampado en cerezas

Their first kiss was on-screen with Dylan Sprouse. You had to lean over to kiss him, and missed him kissing half of her lips.

chica con cabello rubio y largo

It was terrible. He was in high school, a boy would he against the wall and said, “can I kiss you?”. After this, the singer ran to the bathroom and vomited, as the bold had the flu.

chica con ojos de color verde

Their first kiss was the worst thing in the world. Virtually the guy left all of his salivary glands in the mouth of the singer.

chico con barba de candado

He was only 13 years old, he was very short and she very high. Had to jump on a brick in order to reach it.

chico usando ropa deportiva

The first girl she kissed was Miley Cyrus. It all happened outside of a pizza restaurant, after having eaten pizza with lots of onions.

chico con suéter a rayas rojo

Their first kiss was at age 11 in the film Little Manhattan. His father traveled in order to accompany the set and give all your support.

chica con ojos de color azul

He gave his first kiss when he was eight years old in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

chica con cabello corto y castaño

Her first kiss was with Ashton Kutcher in the series of That ’70s Show. Never imagined that years later she would marry him.

chica con cabello rubio y corte medio

The actress of Pretty Little Liars gave his first kiss in a scene from a soap opera. The guy that kissed him was several years older than her, so it was quite uncomfortable.

14. Miranda Cosgrove

chica dormida en el piso

Her first kiss was with Nathan Krees in the series iCarly, and ensures that it was incredible.

chica sonriendo felizmente

Their first kiss occurred when she appeared as guest actress in Z –ack and Cody: Twins in action, and Cole Sprouse was the lucky one.