Dreaming of Nick Jonas, he likes them OLDER; it is going out with Priyanka Chopra!

Last week, Priyanka Chopra was in the news after attending the wedding of her friend, Meghan Markle with prince Harry. Now the owners of the heart have to do with it and a possible romance with… what aboutNick Jonas?

Everything indicates that the famous may have in common something more than a beautiful friendship. Sources close to them claimed to the magazine Us Weekly that both have been dating for a while, and Nick has become an excellent candidate for Chopra, despite being 10 years her junior.

What Priyanka and Nick are in a relationship?

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Known each other since before attending the Met Gala in 2017. Then Jimmy Kimmel asked the actress, 35, about her chemistry with the singer, 25, but she said that the joint occurrence was platonic.

Recently dodged questions about their status sentimental when questioned if it would couple to the wedding of her friend Meghan.

They have been recruited in multiple quotes

The suspicions of a romance began on the Friday when Nick and Chopra were seen enjoying Beauty and the Beast Live in Los Angeles. Their adventures of the weekend continued into Saturday when encouraged to the baseball team the Dodgers.

Don’t attempt to hide his love

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Had previously enjoyed a weekend on a yacht with their friends. Chopra was responsible for sharing this photo on their social networks; although in that time there it seemed strange, today, everything indicates that the love between her and Nick is in the air.

The news was confirmed by US Weekly

Priyanka y Nick Jonas en la gala met

Despite not showing a sign of affection during their walks, the magazine reported that the couple is dating and “they are both interested in each other”.

The Internet is shaken with the news

comentario en twitter de Nick y Priyanka

comentario en twitter de Nick y Priyanka

There are those who are obsessed with this relationship

No one understands what happens

comentario en twitter de Nick y Priyanka

comentario en twitter de Nick y Priyanka

The situation seems rather strange, but others love.

But does anyone know what happened to her other romances?

Nick Jonas y Demi Moore

It seems that Nick likes older, because at the beginning of this year related with Demi Moore. In addition, he gave us a story of love unforgettable when he helped a girl who fell of her bicycle, took her to the beach and at the end of the day we kissed.