24 Premieres that uncle Netflix has for you in June; do list for the summer?

We’ve arrived at the half of 2018! For some girls this is synonymous with vacation, beach, sun, sand and sea. But for lovers of the series and films is the beginning of a long relationship next to your sofa.

For this last group of girls, Netflix arrives in June with a good dose of entertainment as the expected end of Sense 8, a film made by Marvel to start a marathon of Avengers and several series of colombian that can’t let go.


1. Avengers: the age of Ultrón, Friday 1

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When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner trying to put in place a program to preserve the peace, things go wrong. Now, the mightiest heroes of the Earth will prevent the villain Ultrón end the humanity.

2. Legend, Friday 1

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Reggie and Ronnie Kray, the twins who sowed terror in London with his thefts.

3. Ashby, Friday, 8

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Ed Wallis, a high school student, strikes up a friendship with his neighbor, Ashby, a retired assassin for the CIA, who only a few months of life.

4. Alex Strangelove, Friday, 8

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Alex is a student of final year of secondary school with a girlfriend that is wonderful and a bright future ahead, and plans to achieve his ultimate goal teen: losing your virginity. But things get complicated when she meets Elliot, an attractive gay guy.

5. War dads, Saturday 9

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Brad Whitaker is a radio presenter who tries to make that your stepchildren to love you and call you dad. But their plans change when the biological father, Dusty Mayron, returns.

6. Beirut, Friday 15

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Caught up in the civil war, the CIA agents must send to a former u.s. diplomat to negotiate for the life of a friend.

7. Set it Up: the plan imperfect, Friday 15

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Two assistants executives are up to their heads to love. But things don’t go according to plan.

8. The disease Sunday, Friday, 15

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A woman of high class receives the unexpected visit of a daughter who she abandoned 30 years ago.

9. Is the head, Saturday 23

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A businesswoman is sent to prison after it was discovered performing illicit operations. To retrieve his fortune will take over the industry from the sale of brownies next to a group of girls scout.

10. The witch, Saturday 23

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In 1630, a family of New England, finds herself between witchcraft, black magic and possession.

11. TAU, Friday 29

Poster de la película TAU

A woman captive in a house futuristic expected escape, penetrating the computer programs that control the house.

12. 13 hours: the soldiers ‘ secrets of Benghazi, Saturday 30

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A group of soldiers in Libya, will fight to save the lives of the staff of the consulate of the united States.

13. Zoolander 2, Saturday 30

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Derek and Hansel back to the modeling in Rome, where they encounter a sinister conspiracy.


1. November 13: terror in Paris, Friday 1

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The attacks in Paris in 2015, as reported by 40 witnesses.

2. You, me and her, season 3, Friday 1

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To give a different touch to their relationship, they hired the sexual services of a girl, but they had no with that you could fall in love with her.

3. Intimate enemy, season 1, Wednesday, 6

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A pair of brothers who were separated and now are no longer recognizable.

4. Marcella, season 2, Friday, 8

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Murder, hypnosis, drama, all mixed into a single story.

5. End of Sense 8, Friday, 8

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Netflix has discontinued the production of the series of the sisters Wachowski the past month of June, and almost a year after premiering the final chapter of the story.

6. Marlon, Thursday 14

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Marlon is a loving father, and immature who shares custody of his two children with his former wife. You try to be a good parent, but your tips are a complete disaster.

7. The Queen of the South, season 2, Friday 15

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The story of Teresa Mendoza and her rise as queen in the world of drug trafficking, continues.

8. Club of Crows presents: the ballad of Hugo Sánchez, Sunday 17

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Hugo Sanchez should guide the team in Nicaragua, and get the win.

9. Marvel – Luke Cage, season 2, Friday 22

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This hero is back, now to face a new villain.

10. GLOW, season 2, Friday 29

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Get ready to travel to the 80s and enjoy the best show.

11. Kiss me first, Friday 29


Based on the book from Lottie Moggach. A story for teenagers that will tell us the joys, sorrows and battles of two girls.