5 Moments of your life on which get a tattoo should NOT be an option

The ink in the skin is an amazing art filled with symbolism that should not be taken lightly. First choose the topic and know why you want to do it; then to be conscious of what it represents and that it will not leave your skin easily; finally, you must choose the best design and the right tattoo artist to avoid any kind of surprise.

If you’ve thought of getting a tattoo but you’re not sure, then I’ll leave the worst reasons to do it if it is not the ideal time for you.

1. Met a tattoo artist

chica se tatúa

If you’re at a festival and suddenly you find that there is a tattoo artist, the excitement can lead to you to commit a serious error. Before you do, think about that you do not know if your material is properly disinfected. It is best that you seek someone of your entire trust.

2. You are pressing

chica con tatuajes

No one can tell you what to do with your body, so they don’t succumb to the demands of your partner or a friend. That is your decision, so think twice.

3. You’ve had too much to drink

gif tattoo

Maybe it was your birthday or that of a friend and have consumed a large amount of alcohol, so that in the emotion of the moment want to do something that will remember forever that day. Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages can make you desinhibas and lose the fear, but it is not the ideal time to get inked. Waiting to get down the effects, and then make the decision when you’re conscious.

4. You want to get inked the name of someone

tatuajes de exparjeas

Think well what you are about to do, is a pretty big risk, especially if it is your current partner. Some times relationships end on bad terms, and you repent of your decision.

5. Do you think that in any way can be deleted

chica se tatúa

This process is very costly, painful and not completely removed, since it will leave a blemish or scar. Better to take your time and analyze very carefully the situation.