Designed engagement ring inspired by the ring that Tuxedo Mask gave Sailor Moon

We are sure of this: the fans of Sailor Moon should get a year not only one but hundreds of small items and details inspired by the beloved manga series in 1992, written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. If not with accessories Salior Scout, how more you are consenting to a girl fan of this cartoon?

If you don’t believe, die of envy with the launch of an engagement ring that pays homage to the love between Serena and Darien; the replica of the ring that got Sailor Moon to engage with her beloved Tuxedo Mask, will soon be on sale and maybe your boyfriend geek to be able to surprise you in the coming months.

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In the cartoon, Darien handing Serena (when she went to study in New York) a ring of pink heart; it was in one of the scenes of love more beautiful than the manga and it is just the design that took Bandai, a japanese company, for inspiration in this wedding ring.

This reproduction comes with two versions: the silver that includes a topaz, white and platinum with a diamond embedded. Within the circumference of the alliance comes engraved with the phrase: “Mamoru to Usagi”, which means in japanese, Mamoru and Usagi, the names of Serena and Darien, which also appeared in the original drawing of the cartoon. Could this be more cute? Oh we doubt it!

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The rings will be available for preordernar from the month of July and will have a cost of 162 thousand yen (thousand 480 dollars).

Maybe so soon is just start to shoot those “subtle” or indirect or, why not, go with the grain style JLo: do youand the ring pa when? Also it would be nice not to wait that someone will regale us this gem and only indulging ourselves with a whim.

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What is the detail that was missing in your collection of objects of Sailor Moon? The our yes!