Share the first pictures of Angelina and Elle in ‘Maleficent 2’; it’s already started filming!

While we have seen Angelina Jolie in various action movies, when he worked as a villainess in Disney’s surprised more than one as in 2014, she starred in Maleficent, in which he embodies the character of the same name. Thanks to the tape became a worldwide success, the creators decided that there should be a sequel that tells what happened after that Evil to save the princess Aurora.

The moment has finally arrived because the recordings of Maleficent 2 already started. Jolie will play the fairy dark, while Elle Fanning will play the role as young princess Aurora. To celebrate the project started, She shared a funny photo in your account of Instagram.

Recently Fanning posted an interesting selfie

Elle Fanning junto a angelina Jolie en Maléfica

The actress used a hashtag with the name of the movie to confirm that it was on the set filming the sequel, but that was not the only surprise that was hiding the photo: behind the Elle appeared a few horns that immediately the users recognized as Maleficent.

Angelina Jolie is a smiling, Maleficent

Elle Faning tomando una selfie junto a Angelina Jolie en el set de Maléfica

In the second image the actress shared, you can see the perfection to Jolie who, like his partner, was characterized as his character, at least in the upper part of the body, because he was using the well-known horns and red lipstick, while on the bottom she wore a white coat.

Disney also revealed some details of the tape

Escena de la película Maléfica

The film picks up the story of the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora, but also recount the way in which they join together to protect the kingdom and the magical creatures that inhabit it, and of the adversaries who want to destroy it. By the way, the film will be directed by Joachim Roning, director of Pirates of the Caribbean: The revenge of Salazar.