15 Moms share photos of their bodies post-partum; they show a reality 100% accurate

When a famous appears shortly after having a baby, surely they will ask about how to regain the form of his body, but it may be that the answers are not 100 percent honest. It is here where comes the account of Instagram Take Back Postpartum, which is dedicated to spreading the positive body, encouraging new mothers to love their stretch marks and other scars after pregnancy.

January Harshe is the woman behind this project. “I said, ladies, if we want to make a change, we have to do it ourselves”. After starting its initiative, there was a great response, since a number of women decided to show how is your body after your pregnancy.

1. There are women, sharing photos of your photos after the birth

pies de bebés

I will be more squishy, but I’m definitely stronger, and these marks remind me of where I grew Emilia. If she finds comfort and security about my body, I also.

2. Showing a really beautiful

mujer mirando a través d el aventana

Resting on top of what was their home for nine months.

3. Through the account of Instagram: “Take Back Postpartum

chico tomando agua

First week of motherhood, how the time has passed. Get all the photos that you can because these moments pass in the blink of an eye.

4. Where they share their stories

chica tomando selfies en el espejo

In my uterus have grown 10 babies. Only four were born alive, but, even so, it is beautiful and miraculous. And I’ve never wanted more to myself, nor have I felt so feminine. Head shaved, stretch marks, breast deflation, fat thighs.

5. Inviting other mothers to love their body

chica cargando a su bebé

A week after the birth, and recognizing that there are many variants of post-partum, as there are during the pregnancy and childbirth of each woman.

6. Because no should feel embarrassed

chica tomando una selfie

Who feels identified?

7. To see their stretch marks or loose skin

bebé junto a su mamá

If you think about it, it is very tender that I have created your tummy, and that she has grown up in the mine.

8. On the contrary, they should lift the face

chica cargando a sus bebés

Carrying three babies that I will never tire of holding.

9. Smile when you see her small

chica cargando a su bebé

Our favorite photo of the before and after. Nine months in and nine months out.

10. Lay the baby on his chest

mujer cargando a su bebé

Feet of newborn + bellies postpartum + panties comfortable = life postpartum.

11. Feel the warmth of the life they have brought into the world

chica con bebé recargado en el pecho

Before the first birthday of my baby, I traveled to the past while looking at the photos of the first time I landed my eyes on this beautiful soul. He has changed our lives and I will always be thankful.

12. As your body heals with time

chica amamantando a su bebé

I remember when I had my first baby, at age 25, I was so worried that people would think that I was ‘fat’ after, of all things. I was very young and naive, unable to understand the beauty that my body had just accomplished. Five pregnancies, a vaginal birth, three c-sections later, I finally understand. I see the human body in a different light.

13. Although it will never be the same…

niño jugando con su mamá

What there is where I come from, mom? Hell, yes it is where you come from, Axel!

14. Will be full of experience, love and strength

mujer cargando dos bebés

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while. Almost every day I get messages from other moms asking me how I look the way I do it, how I got back my ‘body’. In fact I have excess skin, my abdomen is not already defined, my hips are wider. I don’t want any misconception. Now that I’ve said this, work a lot to maintain a healthy life style and feel good in my skin. You may never look at you the way that you did before having the twins. And you know what? I agree with that.

15. And even, it will be called: “mom”

chica tomando una selfie

Instead of posting a picture that shows the version most prominent of motherhood, I wanted to share this picture… because this is motherhood. This photo was taken hours after the Cash arrived, and shows the reality of how much it changes your mind, body, and soul after giving life to the world. Stretch marks, saggy skin, tiredness, a body that will never be the same… but a bounty unmatched.