I Alert Spoiler! Dylan Minnette reveals secrets of the second season of ’13 Reasons why’

We are a few hours of the second season of 13 Reason Why will surprise us with more details about the life of Hannah and the secrets that each one of the characters saves it.

The main actor, Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen, has unveiled new details of the controversial series in an interview, and some of them are too disturbing.

1. Clay has not overcome the death of Hannah

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I think that the impact of Hannah and the tapes in the life of Clay never completely disappear; no matter how much you try, you are going to take a while to recover.

2. We will learn more about the life of Hannah

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It would have been strange to end the story of Hannah in the first season because they only listen to small portions of your existence counted for her, but it took a lifetime, and we can learn more about it. In general, learn more about it is more important to the whole story.

3. Say bye bye to the scenes of Clay and Hannah

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It is possible that we could see some flashbacks with Clay and Hannah, but we already know almost everything about their relationship.

4. There will be new characters

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You will see most interactions between Hannah and the other characters we have not seen before. I think that is interesting because in the first season every time there was a flashback, it was the flashback of Hannah or Clay or both were always there. Now see more people of which we will learn new things.

5. Clay could have a second chance in love

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I can’t say too much, but Skye is still out there and there is the possibility that she and Clay are friends or more. That is something that you will see when you start the new season. I don’t want to estropeártelo.

6. The series might have the tools to prevent suicide

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Dylan was questioned about whether the series would introduce tools to help young people with suicidal thoughts, to which the actor responded:

I think it is difficult. It is a very fine line. I really don’t know what the answer to that. If the writers were trying to do something on purpose, you do not let me enter into those discussions. But I think, when reading certain scenes, there are definitely some positive reviews on them.

7. Clay could have serious psychological problems

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Remember that Clay was highly affected by the suicide of Hannah, this will eventually have consequences:

It is definitely something that needs to be treated because I think it is quite clear that it has problems and is dealing with them. Is doing everything possible to live your life, but it is obvious that this is not possible. I think people can say that Clay had any indication of a mental illness and who is depressed and has some issues. But I hope that people can see that is a problem much bigger and profound that we could not see in Season 1.