Comes new birth control method; your duration is 5 years and contains less hormones!

Unfortunately, the number of unintended pregnancies globally continues to rise; in the West, at least 54 percent end in abortion. Many times occur because women do not choose the method of birth control correct.

A good option that has gone on sale recently is Kyleena, an intrauterine system that releases a low dose of hormone per day, in comparison with other similar devices, and works for a period of up to five years.

Protects you and is less aggressive

nuevo anticonceptivo

It is made with plastic material in the form of a T and is the smallest that is available in the market, and is placed within the matrix. Contraception long-term is one of the most effective methods of contraception, as it does not require a daily dose or a new prescription monthly.

This system can be removed at any time once outside the body, the natural fertility of the woman is quickly restored.

It is soft and flexible and contains 19.5 mg of the synthetic hormone levonorgestrel. The T-body measures 28 mm x 30 mm, the auxiliary device for inserting has a diameter of 3.8 mm once it is properly positioned, release of continuously a low dose of gestágeno levonorgestrel) directly to the matrix and thus preventing a pregnancy.

You must take precautions

nuevo anticonceptivo

This is good news for women looking for a contraceptive option with less of a burden hormone, as these can have certain side effects such as dizziness, weight gain, decreased libido, or mood changes, and even some of the more serious risk of heart attack or blood clots.

Just remember that Kyleena is the same as other devices: does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or other. It has to be placed by a medical specialist and must be removed by a professional. So now you know, there is no longer a pretext for fun, but with responsibility.