Has 12 years, is funded by grants from the NASA and in the network criticize them for their appearance

Valentina Oundjian is a small 12-year-old who lives in Malvín, Uruguay. His biggest dream is to travel to the space, so that the walls of his room are filled with images of the space missions.

The girl attends the first year of secondary school in the French school, and is determined to become an astrophysicist and work in the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA).

Fulfilling a challenge

valentina va al espacio

One day, Valentina was looking for videos on Youtube when he found the story of a girl named Alyssa Carson, who is preparing to be a crewmember on a ship with destination to Mars.

I amused myself and I started to see many interviews of Alyssa Carson. In one of them his father comes out saying that NASA called it started with a camp, Space Camp (Space Camp).

Excited with the news story, it began to search for the page web of the camp.

I started to find out and I told my mom: ‘look at this camp, is rebueno, I want to go there.’

The annual camp is conducted in Huntsville, Alabama, united States. He took the decision to participate and to do so developed a project scientist, sent some photos, two letters of recommendation from your centre of study and answered a questionnaire.


Their parents agreed from the beginning, although it was not so easy to accomplish.

I couldn’t think of anything and for the last time, I decided to do a pasteurizer of rain water.

Two weeks before the expiry of the term, Valentina was able to present his project to get the scholarship. Weeks later, his mother received an e-mail from NASA. The email was to inform you that I had been accepted.

On the one hand, I didn’t expect it because concursé against people bigger and of the united States, but at the same time I was expecting it because he believed in my project.

Valentina will participate in the Space Camp from the 29th of July until the 3rd of August. During that week you will live like astronauts and you can learn all about life in space.

An experience from another planet

space camp

The participants from different countries will have access to simulators that make you experience the training of the astronauts, will be able to live as do those who are in the International Space Station and learn the details of the rocket within the next few years is expected to lead the first group of humans to Mars. To this camp come every year children and adults from more than 120 countries.

However, the people set more in his image

They made fun of his appearance

But there were those who defended

And are outraged with the attacks on the girl

Is a girl of admirable and deserves respect