7 Steps that follows an asian girl in her routine to have a porcelain skin

If you want a face as smooth as that of the asian girls opts for the effect glass skin or skin of glass, which is characterized by give your face a luminous touch, moist, and without open pores.

The instablogger Korean Ellie Choi has shared the secret to achieve it, and is so simple that you can do it in your house in just seven simple steps.

Get in effect of glass in your skin without using makeup

chica con labios gruesos y rojos

Blogger of beauty Ellie Jelly has revealed the secret of a face without blemishes or open pores, the best thing of all is that it does not require expensive treatments, or the use, of makeup.

1. Say goodbye to your makeup

toallitas removedoras de maquillaje

The wipes desmaquillantes Neutrogena are perfect to remove all traces of mascara, compact powder or any kind of makeup you use. Its components are soft with your skin, preventing irritation and providing moisture.

2. Removes all the impurities

crema facial

The cream facial cleanser Kiehl’s will help you to remove the last impurities out of your skin in less than two minutes.

3. Bye-bye to excess fat

loción refrescante

With the help of a cotton ball and a little bit of lotion of Clinique 3, tones up and removes the fat which accumulates in the pores of your face to get a matte effect and more healthy.

4. Hydration night

crema humectante

During the night, and after cleansing your face properly, apply a generous amount of the facial cream Cetaphil to provide moisture to your skin.

5. Exfoliate your skin with fruity aromas

mascarilla facial de azúcar

Exfóliate every two days to eliminate dead cells of your skin. Use the scrub of strawberries with sugar Skinfood, their scents will fall in love.

6. More softness!

mascarillas de frutas

Use the facial masks from Innisfree one or two times a week. Its natural ingredients provide softness to your face.

7. Don’t forget the most important…

chica bebiendo agua

The beauty comes from the inside, for it seeks to take two litres of water a day and keep hydrated your skin.