The last drama Kardashian: Kim is now touted palettes that suppress the appetite

Most of the celebrities used social networks as a way of keeping their fans abreast of their lives, share pictures of your work, personal life and tastes, but with the Kardashian-Jenner works differently. By means of Instagram do advertising campaigns to publicize products miracle and its brands of makeup and clothing. After all, it is a source more to increase his fortune and all is welcome.

However, and as usual, there is no day on which some of the sisters of the clan not to become embroiled in some scandal. This time the protagonist of the drama is Kim Kardashian, as hundreds of users of Instagram have been manifested by discomfort after the socialite promoting popsicles that are apparently suppressing the appetite.

Kim changed the food by the pallets

Kim Kardashian comiendo una paleta de dulce

Falt Tummy Co is the company that created the famous palettes suppressor of appetite you eat. Candy calories 35 contain an active ingredient called satiereal, extracted from saffron, which helps to control the appetite and give the feeling of being satisfied.

In the photo caption of the publication, Kim said that the palettes are “literally unreal”, and then announced the discount with the that were being sold on the web site of the brand.

In a matter of minutes the people began to criticize it

Comentarios en Instagram sobre supresores de los alimentos

Are you really promoting the “appetite suppressants” Kim? If anyone is considering buying this because it is not eating, please understand that if your body is hungry you need to eat. Please, eat is not bad. Starve yourself and ignore what your body needs to itself is bad.

The comments described the ad as irresponsible

Comentarios en Instagram sobre supresores de los alimentos

This is so irresponsible. You are giving the worst example to girls all over the world. No one should feel the need to suppress your appetite to adapt to ridiculous standards of beauty. I feel so offended now.

The actress Jameela Jamil also expressed his opinion

Comentarios en Instagram sobre supresores de los alimentos

He said that the message is negative for the people.

And, in addition, felt terribly disappointed

Comentarios en Instagram sobre supresores de los alimentos

For his part, Kim Kardashian not issued any response and blotted out the publication of Instagram.