Debut trailer of ‘Bohemian Rapsody’, the film that will reveal the life of Freddy Mercury

Bohemian Rhapsody is the name of the movie that both expect the fans of Queen. On the 2nd of November the history of the band of rock that was born in 1970 will come to the big screen.

The tape will give an overview of the history of the musicians who managed to make history and that is still one of the most listened to, almost 50 years after its creation. The film will make special emphasis on Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the band.

The history of Queen hits the big screen

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The actor Rami Malek, known for his role in Mr. Robot, was chosen to play Mercury in what has been described as “a role that will define” his career, in addition to highlight the challenge that has been put on the skin of one of the singers biggest-ever.

Get ready to sing along with every one of their songs

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The guitarist of Queen, Brian May, said that after seeing the film sent me an e-mail to the actor to tell him that they had enjoyed the performance and that if Mercury were alive, he would have felt proud of the result.

There are those who have gone mad with the news

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And don’t know how to react to the facts.

Others expect big surprises

comentario en twitter sobre la película de queen

In truth this would be epic, and many fans of the band would be happy.

But the true fans…

Already prepared with the heart and its best notes to the most exciting moments.