Parents share their before and after pictures of a child; ¡victims of schedule changes to the view!

Everything has a price, and take care of a child is not the exception. Mike Julianelle has a blog called the Dad And Buried, and has started a fun trend: posting photos of the before and after becoming parents, to show how their children have “changed” their appearance.

Mike has two children of seven and two years, and it takes a while to sharing the reality of being a parent on his blog, after which publish your photos, other parents joined the movement. Obviously, everything is with a sense of humor, because nobody is blaming herself seriously to their children for change in their lives.

1. They say that the most beautiful in the life of a woman is…

chica con cabello estilo afro

2. The maternity!

chica bebiendo cerveza

3. But as not everything that shines is gold…

chica con y sin gafas

4. There are those who have been victims of schedule changes

chica con cabello rubio

5. The lack of time and excessive homework

chica con cabello oscuro

6. The sleepless nights after an illness

chica vestida de hawaiana

7. And of course men are not exempt

chico usando camisa roja

8. The increase of kg due to the motherly love

mujer besando la frente de su hija

9. The increase of patience is undeniable

chica con cabello castaño claro

10. The loss of glamour is impossible to avoid

chica con look de sirena

11. It would seem that this stage is complicated

chica usando chamarra de piel

12. However, it is worth every hug, every word, and every effort

hombre con barba

13. As each moment together with your small

mujer con ojeras en el rostro

14. It will leave an indelible mark on your soul

chica con blusa roja

15. To hear him say: “I love you, mom”

chica con gafas