Replace the face of your ex boyfriend in your pictures with the image of his faithful kitten

A pet becomes an important member of the family who sees it grow, cared for all the time and even does not sleep when he is sick. In gratitude, she gives all the love and affection they have to give.

Chloe Forsberg and his family adopted a cute kitten when she was just 10 years old. The new comer, whom they called Woof, came when I was still very small, but knew how to win the hearts of all.

The best friend

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Soon, Woof became the companion of adventures of Chloe, they shared laughter and tears, he was trying to get close to everyone, even to those who are not liked a lot the felines. All were to that cute furry very friendly and cuddly.

It was the cat more affectionate that I have ever met and always demanded our attention, even our friends who could not tolerate the cats came to love him.

No matter the distance

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Some years after, when Chloe turned 20, he decided to go live with her boyfriend, and despite the distance she and Woof always had a very special bond that kept them united.

Your best support

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He was always an important part and indispensable in the life of Forsberg, so it was only natural that after Chloe had finished with her guy, after four years of relationship, was by his side all the time.

A solution, very creative

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Unfortunately for her, her ex-boyfriend had been a part of several celebrations important, and what appeared in photographs of the family. Chloe would not see them, so that her sister Emily took the decision to do something about it.

One of my concerns at that time were the photos of the wedding of my cousin.

It improved quite a lot

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As a surprise for her sister, Emily edited all the photos in which appeared your ex, replacing it by someone very special: oWoof!

Emily is a very creative person and my family tends to deal with bad situations through humour. So even though I was quite upset at that time, it made me laugh too!

The kitten irreplaceable

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In fact, Woof improved quite a lot the photos, it now is just great! In spite of everything, Chloe admitted he had no hard feelings against his ex.

Taking precautions

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Emily decided to go a step further and changed once the boyfriend of her other sister… in case you decide to separate.

They have committed recently, so we hope to not have to use the photo replacement.

Until always, Woof

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Sadly, Woof died last year at the age of 16 years, but now will be present in the memory of all, and the photos of the family.