Check by accident, the resistance of the liner Kat Von D, after a crash

The beauty experts have focused on promoting the line, Fenty Beauty of Rihanna, and it seems they have forgotten other brands which are also very good, as the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. This makeup created by tattoo artist Kat Von D has a great staying power in the face, especially the eyeliner. According to Sephora, does not run, lasts for hours and, in case outside little, is water resistant and… to traffic accidents.

Recently the user of Twitter @Guadalahari came up with a fun review of Sephora on the eyeliner of Kat Von D written by a woman who had survived a car accident. To the surprise of everyone, including the paramedics, the eyeliner was intact. The girl took the picture because I needed it as a proof of the physical damage that he suffered to present it in the Court, however, some users immediately began to share it until it became viral.

If you had doubts about the eyeliner of Kat Von D, so the despejarás

Chica que sobrevivio a accidente con delineador intacto

If an eyeliner can survive a car accident, then you can also with a night of partying, with the water, the tears caused by the lack of love and until the end of the world, so it is officially obligatory to have it.

This is a good advertising strategy

Comentario en Twitter de chica que sobrevivio en accidente con maquillaje intacto

Fortunately the victim of the accident is well and clarified on Twitter that the photos were taken as evidence to the police and that some people used to do see that the liner was one of the best that exist in the market.

Other users have demonstrated the effectiveness of the liner

Chica que sobrevivio a accidente con delineador intacto

In a surprising turn of events, the journalist Madeline Dunne posted a photo to reveal that she too survived an accident with the eyeliner of Kat intact.

Hopefully the love that they say have lasted as much as the eyeliner from Kate

Reseña de sephora sobre una chica que sobrevivió con el delineador de Kate Von D intacto

Because, definitely, the promises are gone, the love is just… but the eyeliner of Kat survives any incident.