5 Class of sunglasses that will go best to your face according to your type of shape

There are so many girls that wear glasses for vision problems; others, only when they read, they are on the computer or in occasions that require you to cover your eyes from the sun.

Whatever the reason you wear glasses, these should have harmony with your face to stand out the most of your beauty. This is why we invite you to discover your face shape and renew this important accessory.

1. Round face

chicas con rostro redondo y gafas

Identifícalo: if the outline of your face looks a lot like a circle, with cheekbones wide and a jaw and forehead reduced, the more likely it is that you belong to the group of the round faces.

Bet on:

  • Forms narrow, horizontal or rectangular, which lengthen and thin the face.
  • A transparent bridge to space out the eyes.
  • Rectangular shapes and geometric designs that accentuate the facial features.


  • Glasses small, which does not keep the aspect ratio.

2. Face oval

chica con rostro ovalado y gafas

Identifícalo: your face is oval if the part of the forehead is a little wider than the rest of the face, your cheekbones tend to be narrow and the line of your jaw is reduced.

Bet on:

  • Frames that cover your eyebrows and cover the top of your face.
  • Square shapes or rounded.
  • Frames with textures.


  • Glasses with small designs.

3. Square face

chica con rostro cuadrada y gafas

Identifícalo: if the outline of your face is not very long, but is wide, cheekbones marked and jaw angle, your face is square.

Bet on:

  • Lenses with designs are oval.
  • Frames that soften the shapes angular and marked your face.


  • Round glasses.

4. Face heart

Tipo de lentes según tu rostro (5)

Identifícalo: you have a face heart-shaped if your forehead is wide, your cheekbones are marked, your chin ends up on the tip and your jaw is small.

Bet on:

  • Designs oval help balance the natural shape of your face.
  • Big glasses and square that do not exceed the natural contour of your eyes.


  • The round glasses.
  • Frames in dark tones.

5. Face diamond

Tipo de lentes según tu rostro (5)

Identifícalo: the main feature of this type of face is the lower jaw juts out over the forehead, narrow and small.

Bet on:

  • Frameworks that cover the eyebrows.
  • Designs rounded.


  • Designs square.