Your husband cheating the leaves; instead of crying, it gets more beautiful and lost 129 pounds

For many people, social networks have become the place in which you seek to express your feelings, to share the happiest moments of your life, rant against their enemies and, why not, also in the place to make others envy. As this girl, who after her husband left her, she decided that what would make you feel sorry for having left.

Andrea Osborn, 23, posted a picture that boasts your figure after you have lost 129 pounds, accompanied by the legend: “instead of celebrating our wedding anniversary, I am celebrating losing 129 pounds”. His tweet generated so many reactions that went viral immediately, and after he explained the reason for his “revenge”.

Andrea thought she would have a love for a lifetime

Comentario en twitter de una chica ue perdió peso después de que su esposo la abandonó

Andrea married Rob Osborn when both were very young, but like any other couple they had their happy moments and some discussions. Unfortunately, they divorced after she discovered an infidelity; they both did everything possible to recover your relationship, but had no success, so they broke up. Andrea spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and explained:

When I discovered that I had deceived them, was completely devastated. Honestly no, I suspected nothing. Finally opened up and told the truth a few months after it happened. Both of us were without love. We knew that was not to be. It was difficult to overcome.

The revenge of Andrea was perfect

Comentario en twitter de una chica ue perdió peso después de que su esposo la abandonó

His wedding anniversary was due to arrive, but Andrea and her husband were no longer together, so I decided to publish a tweet that showed his weight loss. Its publication generated thousands of reactions that supported him and celebrated his return.

But it seems that Rob liked a lot of the posting because he asked that the erased and, instead of heeding the request, the girl retuiteó the original image, action that caused that to become even more viral, was shared more than 23 thousand times and received more than 100 thousand likes.

Rob was upset because I did that. I really do not care that out as well. He had lied to you. I had done much thinking, so I thought that was fair.

Stopped the tears and started a new life

Andrea chica que perdió peso después de que su esposo la dejara

After feeling sad about the deceit, Andrea began to devote time to herself, and started going to a gym, changed his eating habits and managed to lose 129 pounds. I wanted to show the people who are going through a divorce that this is not the end of the world but on the contrary, that this can be a reason to start a new and happy life.

In a certain sense, I wanted to show that I am happy without him and to help others who are also going through a break up or divorce. Now I am radiant, beautiful and happy.