Funny mom created little scenes using all kinds of material in your home

A year ago since Dominique became viral in Instagram to carry out a series of photos with her daughters, in which the imagination played the main role. Now their new series of images could have the same success.

Dominique believed that it was time to make a solo journey and her daughters helped with a couple of ideas that involved their movies, favorite Disney, and the result was incredible.

1. Dominique has survived the cold of Alaska

chica usando una abrigo color verde

2. He has flown war planes

chica usando bufanda a cuadros

3. Traveling every weekend

chica recostada en el pasto y con sabanas

4. Has become a warrior viking

chica vestida como vikingo

5. They say that is the best friend of Ariel

chica vestida de sirena

6. Tarzan is his cousin dearer

chica usando overol color beige

7. Bell taught him how to create stars as a fairy

chica usando sudadera color gris claro

8. Olaf helped her get her outfit for winters

chica disfrazada de muñeco de nieve

9. Now don’t you stop filling your life color

chica dibujando un arcoirís