Artists nail-art created by nail-shaped teeth; you will feel uncomfortable to see them

After all the crazy things with the eyebrows, now the bloggers of beauty have taken the nails as your new goal to experience trends. Nail Sunny has been characterized as a study of Polish that creates designs more daring and strangers around Russia, but this time went further: they made the teeth move worn in the mouth, to be on the nails.

With a video presented their new design and in just two days has already been viewed more than 350 thousand times on Instagram and seems to be increasing, because the people can’t believe that someone could use a few nails as well. Can you imagine the difficulty to perform all your tasks? It would be impossible, even for those who created them doubt that it is a good idea. This is how they look on the nails push.

Nail Sunny has designs more crazy

Uñas de ojos creados por nail sunny

From the nail area

Uñas de esferas creadas por Nail Sunny

The nails futuristic

Uñas con un diseño curveado y plateado creado por nail sunny

The sculptures in honor of the nose

Uñas con nariz y cabello creadas por nail sunny

Up to the nail of city

Uñas de una ciudad creadas por nail sunny

Also have nails with celebrities, such as these of Khloé Kardashian

Uñas con Khloé Kardashian embarazada

But now they have included teeth in their designs

Uñas de muelas creadas por nail sunny como una tendencia

His new creation is quite strange… and disgusting

Uñas de dientes y muelas creadas por nail sunny

Many users do not agree

Comentarios en facebook sobre las uñas de muelas

This is the most ridiculous I’ve seen so far, God, why? that is all I can say.

Comentarios en facebook sobre las uñas de muelas

Obviously it is not designed for people with real jobs. It is probably also more surprising for the bank tellers and employees of the shop with nails of 3 inches.

Comentarios en facebook sobre las uñas de muelas

If I start to see people with these don’t think I can stop shaking my head from side to side when you see it.

This is how they look live

Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Video by @edo_movs

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Clear, Nail Sunny also has other cute designs

Uñas de lilas creadas por nail sunny

So we are left with those that are simple and beautiful

Uñas color rosa creadas por nails sunny

Because the teeth may appear decay

Uñas de dientes creadas por nail sunny