Study shows that the paste helps in your diet; enough of the myth anticarbohidratos!

If you are one of those girls who love to go out with their friends and taste a good plate of pasta at your favorite restaurant, but then you feel guilty and you think that you have broken the diet and now you’ll have to spend hours in the gym to get rid of the carbs, then I have excellent news.

The dream of many people has become a reality thanks to a study by researchers from Hospital St. Michael of Toronto, published by the newspaper BMJ Open, which ensures that you can eat this dish at least three times a week without feeling guilt and even lose weight.

It is not so bad after all

comer pasta adelgaza

The study consisted of analysing the diet of two thousand 500 people that ate during 12 weeks, an average of 3.3 pasta dishes a week, taking into account that a plate is equivalent to a cup of boiled dough. The result was that, on average, lost five kilos.

The conclusion of the researchers was that the pasta would help you lose weight, so now it would be possible to include this delicious food as part of a healthy diet.

Not all carbohydrates are so bad

comer pasta adelgaza

It is time to forget the myths that exist around carbohydrates, which for decades were considered the cause of the weight gain. The problem is not the pasta but the abuse of them within the diet. Because the pasta can lead to the sugar levels in the blood rise and fall, contribute to increase the weight.

It is important to mention that those who participated in the study consumed amounts measured of pasta and that their results can be applied to either the pasta or other foods of low glycemic index.

Among the foods with refined carbohydrates also increase the levels of sugars are white bread, or white rice, and are not as healthy as pasta.

The scientists claim that completely remove carbohydrates from the diet may lead to a lack of fiber, sugar levels low and lack of energy.

Eating pasta is not the reason to lose weight

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Dr. Sievenpiper, the study’s principal investigator, said that the pasta does not have an adverse effect on the body weight, if consumed in a healthy way.

I don’t think the pasta is the reason why the people in these studies lost weight and reduced their BMI; it is much more likely that the fact of feeling judged by others to have contributed to which have been attached to their diets. But it demonstrates that pasta is not a demon and you can be part of a balanced diet.

But since you won’t feel guilty

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So if you were very excited and thought that you could eat pasta morning, noon, and night, we have to tell you that is not an option. But at least now you know that it is not so harmful and you’ll be able to include it in your diet without feeling so much guilt.