Oh another point for the lack of love! Ariana Grande and Mc Miller have ended their relationship

When this Monday we saw appear to Ariana Grande at the Met Gala, with a beautiful Vera Wang dress, nothing made us imagine that two days later, he would know that his relationship with Mac Miller came to an end. The singer, 24 years old, and the rapper, 26, decided to separate, according to TMZ.

The inability to match their hours of work seems to have influenced their decision, although, according to several sources, maintain a good friendship.

They lived a fairy tale

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To anyone it was a secret that both were in love, they themselves have confirmed their relationship via Instagram and even performed together to the song My Favorite Part.

In addition, Miller also supported the singer at all times after the attack, which occurred in Manchester during one of their concerts and, if that weren’t enough, expressed his admiration for her through Twitter, praising his work.

We were friends for a long time and everything that just happened happened ‘organically’. We love making music together. What we always do. She is my best friend in the world. It is comforting and loving. We’re going on a adventure driving in the car aimlessly. It is great to be doing both.

Mac Miller

The ending was not as happy as in the Disney stories…

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The couple made its last public appearance at the after party to the Oscars, which organized Madonna; after that, not again to be seen together.

Now, TMZ claimed that the singers have terminated their relationship, although the why is not yet clear. Sources close to the couple claim that it was due to the incompatibility of schedules between the two, so that they have come to an agreement, and keeping your friendship above any conflict.

Let the Internet do not believe it!

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You have to admit that Ariana and Miller were one of the pairs of celebrities less problematic and more loving of the moment. Perhaps this is the reason by which their separation has shocked his fans.

Let someone else do their schedules match!

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Maciana, as fans called them, they had a relationship of support excellent and their chemistry was amazing. Now we can only hope that this couple may be given a second chance, and we return the faith in love.