Blake Lively ‘I’ to Ryan Reynolds at the Met Gala with a secret in her wardrobe

Just a few days ago took place the famous Met Gala in New York city and, as usual, hundreds of celebrities are presented wearing their best and worst outfits; some met with the theme of the event, but many more failed in their attempt to highlight. However, the latter is not the case for Blake Lively. The actress has become a favorite inside and outside of the red carpet.

During the gala, Lively appeared wearing a stunning dress from Versace ruby-red colour, embroidered with beautiful gems that, definitely, will go down in history as one of the best-dressed. Although on this occasion he attended one of the event, did not forget her husband Ryan Reynolds, because her outfit was kept a hidden message for him.

The red dress was not in honor of Ryan

Blake Lively usando un vestido rojo para la Gala del Met

We have to admit that her dress was one of the most elegant and perfect of all the night, and perhaps he chose the color in honor of the upcoming movie that Ryan will play the lead, you already know: Dead Pool 2.

His outfit itself had a hidden message for him

Blake Lively usando un vestido rojo para la Gala del Met

In addition to go to play with the colors of the dress, the clutch , created by Judith Leiber -the actress chosen to complement your look- had a hidden message for the actor. Written with rhinestones you could read the word “Reynolds”, the surname of her husband.

The bag had another cute little detail

Bolso que uso blake Lively en la gala del Met

In addition, at each end of the cross, which was very in keeping with the religious theme of the event, you could see the initials “J” and “I”, we mean the name of their daughters James and Agnes, and the “R” and “B” by Ryan and Blake.

What could be more adorable this family?

Ryan Reynolds y Blake Lively cargando a sus hijas

It may not, and the only thing we wish is that these two tórtolos continue many years together.