10 Tips on makeup for mature skin; leaves even MORE beautiful to your mom

We tend to pamper moms on their special day with gifts like clothes, flowers, food, but we rarely dare to give them a change of look. This year, convince your mother to change their routines of beauty and help her to take care of your skin and to make it even more beautiful.

From the 4th it is extremely important to moisturize the face and neck, is one of the vital steps for a mature skin look incredible and in his second air. Here, you will meet 10 tips for applying makeup to the queen of your house: your mom.

1. Moisturizer, primer and make-up liquid

productos de belleza crema tapador de poros y base líquida

It is important to use a cream specifically for mature skin. Moderata, brand Cántica, is perfect for this case. Remember to moisturize twice the area of dark circles and neck.

The second step of the preparation will be with a filler of pores, which will help to achieve a skin that is much smoother.

Finally, for mature skin recommended foundations extremely liquid, this because the more creamy to be a base for more highlights the lines of expression. With an aqueous base is more easy to enter, and fill in microarrugas.

2. Use a sponge or beauty blender

esponjas de maquillaje rosa y verde

The sponge will help you to press on the base and fill the pores, this will make the skin look even more smooth and with less texture. You will have a better effect and more light if your beauty blender is damp.

3. Massage your eye bags

Mujer con cucharas en las bolsas de los ojos

A good massage with a spoon will be the remedy antibolsas, you just need to:

2 spoons

Alcohol (necessary)

1 cup of cold water

Disinfect the spoons with alcohol and incorporate it to the glass of water with cubes of ice; once cold, hold for 15 seconds on your eyelids. At the end removed and applied moisturizing cream to eyelids as usual.

4. Corrector of legs of a rooster to open the eyes

mujer rubia con cabello corto

Preferably a concealer that is one or two shades lighter of the color of the skin. The trick to apply it in the bottom corner of the eyes will help to open further the look.

5. Checker of the same color that the make-up base

mujer grande rubia maquillada corrector de ojeras

For dark circles, best concealer of the natural tone, since this part of the eye naturally becomes more white with the passage of the age. On the contrary, of young girls, women with mature skin should use a concealer in your same skin tone to balance that area.

6. Color palette with warm colors

paleta de colores neutros sombras rosas mujer madura con maquillaje

With age, the makeup of a woman should look more soften her face and does not harden it

The cool tones make it that the factions are stronger, that’s why the warm tones are best on mature skins as it add sweetness to the look.

7. A good dithering

ojos de mujer con sombra sin difuminar

Like the cool tones harden the factions, a shadow without blur creates an effect carton in the look. In its place, a good blur of shadows will give smoothness to eyes.

8. Avoid the black eyeliner

mujer maquillada con sí y no pieles maduras

The eyeliners are very dark and very marked tend to harden the factions. When you are very young you start by outlining your eyes to look less little girl, so -on the contrary – for moms of mature skins it is better to a delineated dithering and with warm tones

9. In the end very LITTLE powder translucent

mujer cabello corto polvo traslucido

Let the dust clear until the end, this will make the foundation sit on the face and fill in any texture on the skin.

Only at the end, and when all detail is finished, you can seal with very little (almost nothing) dust tráslucido for makeup that lasts and the skin looks even more smooth.

10. Focus more on contouring the neck

mujer con contur en el cuello y papada

With age, the skin tends to lose the natural elasticity of the face, so that the factions of the cheekbones are accentuated more and create a contour natural. That is why in that area there will be no need to define “shadows”.

Instead, it is better to focus on contouring the area of the neck; this will enhance the effect of one jaw more defined.