Elsa Pataky predicted his marriage with ‘Thor’ with a tiny tattoo

Many people refuse to believe that fate exists and that everything that happens is the work of chance; others have shown us that there are incredible coincidences that make us doubt whether it is all part of a plan that was already written.

A sample of this was the recent revelation that he made Elsa Pataky during an interview for the magazine Vogue Australia, in which revealed that she had predicted his beautiful love story to the side of her husband Chris Hemsworth.

Marked his destination without wanting to

elsa pataki vogue

The actress has several tattoos, but the one that is on his right arm is very special. When Elsa was only 15 years old he decided to get a tattoo, but its meaning would be related to its future.

It is Thor and I ended up casándome, who plays Thor! Surprising are the turns that gives life. I liked the symbol, the legend that brought it was very nice and wanted to keep it.

It was written in the stars

elsa pataki vogue

On other occasions I had already had the opportunity to speak on this particular tattoo in an interview for the magazine Hello!

What is the life. With 15 years I made it in the arm my first tattoo, a rune viking related to the god Thor. And with the time I’ve finished marrying with Thor!

Are a couple sensational

elsa pataki vogue

Elsa and Chris met in early 2010, and for Christmas of that year they were married.

We did everything very fast, I don’t know how we survived as a couple. We got married and a year after we started having children.

Currently have eight years of marriage and have become one of the couples of Hollywood favorite of thousands. We hope that your love continues to grow every day.