15 Celebrities that although it may seem otherwise HATE to be famous,

Fame can come with a life full of luxuries, but for many celebrities it is overwhelming. Have to live under the criticism of millions of people, your privacy is invaded to be displayed on the next owner of the fashion magazine.

As spectators we cannot know how much they suffer the stars, only by means of interviews and publications in social networks we find out how difficult it is to live under the spotlight. Here are some celebrities that do not like to be famous.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is not a fan of being a celebrity, but she also doesn’t like to complain much about it. This was revealed in an interview:

Oh, my three months off. I do not you can photograph. I’d love to control when I take pictures. So you don’t have a new holder of that today I have three days wearing the same jeans; fuck that yes, I did. We are very fortunate and love my life. Would not change anything. I don’t like to complain about it.

2. Chris Evans

Chris Evans

I think the first time I arrived here I was very anxious to get to the top. Now I’m like halfway through it, I see around, life is not great so as I am now? If you are going very far there’s no way out of there. Once you’re Brad Pitt, you won’t be Brad Pitt.

3. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley

For me, the word with F is ‘famous’, and the word C is ‘celebrity’. I hate those words with a passion.

4. George Clooney

George Clooney

Why is the guy in the big mansion on the hill is complaint? The truth is that the mansion on the hill is overwhelming. There is No other way to say it. There are restrictions for this type of fame. I have not walked through Central Park for 15 years. I would like to do so.

5. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Fame is the worst thing in the world. Especially if you have no sense… to Have so much energy human that trusts you and you analyzes in a critical way, obviously ends up desarmarte.

6. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Is to live a little like a fugitive. Everything has a bit of strategy: getting to your hotel, leave the hotel, arrive at a restaurant, leave the restaurant. I do not mean this to be a whine or a complaint or anything like that, because I know that I’m lucky to be within this and maintain my career… you Have to pay the price, as well as the sense of anonymity.

7. Megan Fox

Megan Fox

I don’t think people understand. They think that we should shut us up and stop complaining because we live in a big house and drive a Bentley. Then our life is great. What I do not realize is that fame, whatever your worst experience in high school when you are bullied by those 10 kids in high school, fame is that, but on a global scale, when you’re being attacked by millions of people constantly.

8. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

It is strange, you don’t have a normal life ever again. You spend a lot of time fighting against that, but at the end you find another way to live. People don’t realize how alone we are. In any case, I feel fortunate because success didn’t came to me being very young, at least I had the opportunity to have a life before.

9. FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs

It is very hard, I cannot begin to explain how horrible that is. Makes you sometimes want to stop everything. Makes you want to break the mirror with your face.

10. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

By recent attacks on my artistic integrity, I am retiring from public life. My love goes only to those that support me.

Statements of the actor after being accused of plagiarism. In addition, in a red carpet using a paper bag in which she said:

Since I’m not famous.

11. Justin Bieber

The 58th GRAMMY Awards justin bieber

People see the glamour as something impressive, but they don’t see the other side. You can destroy your life.

12. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

I hate events with red carpet, the hatred… you Have this feeling that they all want a piece of you; every picture takes a piece of soul. I want to be as small as a point.

13. Zach Galifianakis

zack galafiniakis

Being a celebrity is a m*ierda. It is silly, I’m not interested in that. I like to be an actor, that’s all. I think that a celebrity is a man made thing. Is not innate in us. We have people telling us: ‘we should pay attention to these people’, for all the wrong reasons, their personal lives… I Prefer to do just my work and go home to watch Lifetime.

14. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

I got to a point where I was afraid to go to the Internet. I lived without cable tv and without Internet for a whole year… Now when I’m in a theater I can hear the whispering; it is as if I had this nightmare of going to school naked. Makes you feel so conscious of yourself.

15. Brad Pitt

brad pitt

This machine is the advertising is out of control. It is all so that we do not sign.

Brad has never understood why his personal life is questioned every time you promote a movie.