15 Times in that ‘Draco Malfoy’ was more a fan of Harry Potter that you

Thomas Adrew Felton, most recognized as Tom Felton, he rose to fame after participating in the series of the successful series of movies of Harry Potter, portraying one of the antagonists of the boy who lived: Draco Malfoy. Despite the fact that it was not the first time that he worked as an actor, this role is the most representative of his career so far.

Without a doubt, this experience has marked, to such a degree that, despite the fact that the last tape premiered in cinemas in 2011, is still demonstrating his love for the history of the magical world. Through some publications in your account of Instagram, Tom makes it very clear that it is one of the biggest fans of Potter and these are the tests.

1. His autograph is highly valued

Even his mother has a photo with his signature on the wall of your house.

2. Is the best with their fans

If you find it. get it back to Malfoy.

If you find it, resgresalo to Potter.

And is paid to make jokes at his side.

3. Don’t forget your roots

And by roots, we mean the distinctive blonde color that he used for years while she played Draco.

4. Share jokes on your patronus

My patronus is a Retriever Chesapeake.

Love this breed of dogs that became his protector.

5. Still going out with her old castmates

Every time you have a chance, the actors who participated in the ribbon will gather to remember the moments they shared.

6. I would do anything to make the fans happy

As the amazing surprise that he gave this small superfán of the saga. The answer is really touching.

7. Attends conventions, and takes selfies

He also wants to remember those moments that lives with their fans.

8. Became a friend of Dobby

Gone are the resentments and are now carried in wonder.

9. And even consider you to be a member of the family Weasley

The brothers redheads most beloved in the magical world now are friends of the one who was one of his most staunch enemies.

10. Is still in contact with Voldemort

Although he is not one of your death eaters, are very good.

11. Online visit the houses of Hogwarts, even where it was not welcome

He spends hours in front of the computer playing, and remembering the beautiful moments.

12. It is only in conventions that do not need masks

He likes to surprise everyone with appearances unexpected.

13. Always stands next to its imitators

If you happen to come upon some fanatical end of your character, do not doubt in taking photos. They seem like two drops of water, don’t you think?

14. Now get on well with their exenemigos

The nostalgia of the past can be seen in their eyes.

15. Never cease to be a member of Slytherin

Still proud of having studied in the house of the warlocks dark at Hogwarts and it shows every time you have the opportunity.