15 Shoes of Sailor Moon, which also would use it on a date with Tuxedo Mask

Many girls grew up watching the adventures of Serena Tsukino and her friends who, using a few wands of transformation, became the Sailor Scouts. Each one had a special color and a planet assigned to it, as well as a unique personality.

Now this cartoon has inspired the world of fashion, where their characters have been adapted into t-shirts, bags and even shoes that you will not be able to resist.

1. With a dark design for a party

zapatos con tacón alto

2. Perfect for wearing to the gym

sneakers blancos con Sailor Moon

3. A touch of chic with flats gatunos

Flats con gatos

4. Serena exemplifies your mood in the best way

tenis de color rosa pastel

5. With ribbons for a romantic style

zapatos azul marino con moños rosas

6. Talk for an afternoon casual

tenis rosa pastel con dibujos de Sailor Moon

7. With small details to highlight

Tenis balncos con diseños de Sailor Moon

8. Moon guide your steps

plataformas con diseño de gatos lunares

9. Comfort to not stumble as Serena

tenis Vans con diseños de Sailor Moon

10. A special edition to keep your unique style

chica usando tenis de Sailor Moon

11. Transform step-by-step with the power of the prism moon

flats con diseño de Serena

12. Take your chapter favorite with you

zapatillas con papel periodico

13. They are so cute that you wont want to remove

tensi blancos con dibujos de Sailor Moon

14. Ideal for an afternoon of movies

pantuflas de Sailor Moon