15 Celebrities that you may not know that they were born with Latin roots

Latinos are a community that is distinguished by its warmth, its own way of celebration and flavour. However, the first thing that comes to our head when we speak of a Latin woman are the physical traits more typical, as hair dark, eyes large and black, and accent when speaking English.

Celebrities are not exempt from falling into the racial stereotypes and there are some that, although not what we imagine, actually have Latin roots.

chica usando blusa con cerezas

The singer and actress carries Latin blood in their veins, being the daughter of mexican parents.

2. Lupita’nyong or

chica recargada en su propia mano

The actress was born in Mexico City. His parents ancestry of kenyan lived here as refugees, until they had to migrate again.

chica recargada en su propia mano

Born in New Mexico and is the daughter of the mexican Patrick Lovato.

4. Vanessa Marcil

chica usando anteojos

The actress of Beverly Hills, 90210 , is the daughter of a mexican millionaire Peter Ortiz.

5. Alexis Bledel

chica usando vestido en color negro y cabello suelto

The actress of Gilmore Girls and Mad Men surprised everyone by speaking a perfect Spanish, because your father is argentine and his mother mexican.

chico usando gorra de color blanca

The singer inherited his romaticismo of a mixture of nationalities, including Puerto Rico.

7. Bella Thorne

chica con cabello pelirrojo

The star of Disney have blood, cuban by his father.

8. David Archuleta

chico sonriendo y usando suéter blanco

The exfinalista of American Idol, the mother is honduran and father basque.

9. Christina Aguilera

chica usando ropa oscura y collar de perlas

The singer’s father is of nationality of ecuador, there comes from his latino last name.

10. Sara Ramirez

chica usando pendientes grandes de color blanco

The actress of Grey’s Anatomy was born in Mazatlan, Mexico, and very little had to emigrate to the united States. His father is mexican and her mother is mexican-irish.

11. Cameron Diaz

chica con cabello rubio usando suéter blanco de estambre

The father of the blonde was cuban.

12. Victoria Justice

chica usando vestido escotado

The star of Nickelodeon has puerto rican ancestry.

13. Zoe Saldana

chica usando vestido color azul rey

The mother of the actress is puerto rican and dad is dominican. Now you know why it is so sensual.

14. Cardi B

chica con corte de cabello midi

The sensation of the trap is the daughter of a dominican man.

15. Michael Trevino

chico usando traje sastre en color negro

The actor of The Vampire Diaries he was born in Mexico.