Adele offers a feast with the theme of the Titanic and looks identical to Rose Dawson!

Adele was 30 years old and her party, inspired by the Titanic, was as epic as the legendary ship. The british singer most spoiled of the united States and Latin america on numerous occasions has declared to be fan of one of the most successful films of the culture pop.

In January of this year, Adele went to a concert of Celine Dione in which he used an original sweatshirt with the image of the Titanic. Maybe from this the singer of ‘Someone Like You began to maquilar the idea of personifying a Rose Dawson and providing the party’s most notable among famous. Let your guests even had a lifeguard!

Adele thanked happy the BEST celebration of your life

mujer con vestido bajando escaleras

I dirty 30! I’m not sure what I am going to do in the next 30 years, as I have been blessed infinitely with my life until now.

Imagine having a themed party of your favorite movie

mujer con vestido sonriendo y sacando lengua

Thanks to all of you who have been with me in the past 11 years. My family and friends know that I have an obsession with Titanic.

“Last night was the best night of my life”

mujeres y hombres con chaleco salvavidas bailando

Here I share a couple of photos. I am absolutely ruined, I’m not sure I back out of home again.

The label was “first class in 1911”

mujer con vestido azul rey y hombre con bastón traje moño

But at the time of the dance all took their respective life jackets.

Some even came with “effects” posthundimiento

Mark Ronson cabello con hielo

Mark Ronson, music producer and close friend of the singer, came with everything and eyebrows frozen.

It is worth mentioning that not all of them liked the idea of playing the theme of tragedy within such a good party; the look of Mark went as “black humor”.

Thanks, Adele, for being so extra

captura de pantalla twitter adele

Personal hero.