12 Benefits of practicing the autoplacer more often; your body will thank you for

The masturbation of women was considered for many years a forbidden subject or a secret. Many were embarrassed to even admit in front of their friends who practiced it and, in fact, according to a survey on sexual practices conducted in the united States by the University of Indiana, only 7.9 per cent of women aged 25 to 29 years old is masturbating between two and three times a week, compared to 23.4 percent of men of the same age.

However, things are about to change, as according to data thrown by the page Pornhub, women now represent 26 percent of the visits, and they do it from their phone or tablet.

Multiple benefits

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Practice regular self-satisfaction has for girls many benefits that have not been considered for fear of what people will say or the repression of which they have been victims for centuries, and even for fear of the alleged side effects. If you are willing to know your body and enjoy it, eliminating once and for all the myths, then we’ll leave you some reasons to enjoy to the maximum.

1. Produces a happiness immense

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Masturbation releases dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, orgasms provide the body with the release of these hormones, which helps to reduce the stress by eliminating the cortisol (which cause compulsive eating), insomnia, or resistance to lose weight. For this reason, the exercises of the autoplacer can be very beneficial for the health and well-being in general.

2. Helps to inhibit appetite

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Placated, the temptation to be nibbling between meals, as it reduces the anxiety. Oxytocin levels can increase naturally as stimulate the vagina, clitoris or breasts, even if you don’t reach orgasm, the hormone is released in the same way.

3. You will feel more comfortable with your body

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Masturbate make you get to know them better and learn to love you and satisfy you in a healthy way, what will you accept yourself just as you are, loving to be under your own skin.

4. Improve your sexual life

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To know perfectly the places of your body that will excite you and produce pleasure, you’re going to be able to transmit it to your partner so that you can make you enjoy more easily and without damaging.

5. Helps you rest better

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The reason for feeling sleepy after getting to the climax is that orgasms help to relieve tensions, physical and emotional, in addition to deplete the body, so that after make you feel more relaxed and satisfied and conciliarás asleep faster.

6. You release sexual tension

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If you’ve decided to stay single for some time or perhaps has not been given the opportunity to have a meeting with someone, this is the best way to satisfy your libido and release the tension.

7. Relieves body aches, and menstrual

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To contract the uterus during masturbation promotes the menstrual flow. Although studies on the subject are scarce, it never comes wrong to a session of autocaricias.

8. Keeps your body ready for sex

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If you’ve spent a long period of abstinence, masturbation allows you to preserve the elasticity and good condition of the tissues, as well as increase blood pressure and to maintain the mental stimulation. Sex and arousal are born in the brain. The more you practice, the more you earn you’re going to have to do this because you think more of it. When you take a time without sexual intercourse, most of the times they don’t even think about it.

9. There are many ways to do it

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There are plenty of sex toys that can help you reach your goal.

10. It sets you free

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If you keep a healthy relationship, masturbate will help you to be more stimulated and free with your sexuality, which will make you look more encounters with your partner.

11. Multiple orgasms

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When you know your body, know how to achieve them more quickly. If your boy ends, you can continue having fun.

12. Do not run risks

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Has No negative effects, like catch a disease or get pregnant, and is equally satisfactory.