10 Great books that made us faithful readers; thanks to them, we love literature

Reading is one of the more productive activities that you can perform to the human being; allows you to fly, to dream, to live adventures, travel, and feel, without having to get up from a chair. Best of all is that there are millions of books that over time we have conquered.

There are for all tastes, but perhaps there is one that becomes your favorite, that was probably not the first thing that you read, but the one that I became a lover of literature. The following are copies, which we recommend if you want to start and boost your way in the world of books.

1. The diary of Anne Frank

diario de ana frank

Is the collection of the writings of a teenage jewish than 14 years of age who lived in her own flesh the horrors of the Holocaust. She, her family and some well-known hid in a secret annex in the building of the company from his father and remained hidden for two years. This book has become one of the classics of the literature and an essential for all those who wish to cultivate their minds.

2. Little Women, Louisa May Alcott


It tells the story of the March family mansion, which was accustomed to the work and suffering. While the parent is away serving the Union army, the sisters Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth are trying to keep the spirit high in order to support her mother. A captivating narrative about maturity, growth, wisdom and the pursuit of happiness.

3. The little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

el principito

If you are beginning your love for the books, you can not miss the amazing story of The little Prince. A child who comes from a planet tiny where it coexists with volcanoes and a flower that is different from the rest. Know an aviator in the Sahara desert and asks you to draw certain animals and objects with the purpose of acting on your planet. Definitely do not miss the chance to enjoy it.

4. The antique shop, Charles Dickens

la tienda de antigüedades libro

It tells the story of little Nell Trent, an orphan girl who lives with her grandfather in the antique shop that he manages. Marked by poverty, both attempt to go forward until the grandfather turns to the evil lender Daniel Quilp, a dwarf, misshapen and hunchback. Without doubt a book that will reel you in from its first pages.

5. Dracula, Bram Stoker


One of the classics of the horror stories that can not miss in your personal library. Jonathan Harker was hired by a mysterious count that lives in a castle in the distant Romania. For Harker, the trip represents an unusual adventure ever imagined in your honourable and routine life as an assistant in a law firm. From that moment on, the unexpected developments that are taking place will forever change the fate of this young man and his fiancee Mina.

6. Twilight, Stephenie Meyer


The legends of vampires have evolved until our days, in such a way that they have become stories of love. Isabella Swan moves to Forks, a small town in Washington state, in which it never stops raining, and she thinks that it is too boring. His life takes an exciting turn, and terrifying when she meets the mysterious and alluring Edward Cullen. If you are drawn to the genre, you should give it a try.

7. Pride and prejudice, Jane Austen

orgullo y prejuicio libro

For the lovers of romance, this book is a must-see. With the arrival of the rich and handsome Mr. Darcy region, the lives of the Bennet and their five daughters are turned upside down. The pride and the difference of classes, the cunning and hypocrisy, misunderstanding and quick judgments both serve to push their characters to the scandal and the pain, but also to the understanding, knowledge, and true love. You have to read it!

8. The portrait of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

el retrato de dorian gray libro

It is one of the readings required of the NINETEENTH century that have been handed down generations thanks to their originality. It speaks to us of a young man of extraordinary beauty that will be able to commit any crime to preserve his youth forever. It is a story about human nature, the inevitability of fate and the purification of the soul.

9. La tregua, Mario Benedetti

la tregua libro

Reading is pleasurable, it is written in diary form. It is a short but intense work that condenses a journey of emotional and existential in a way that is beautiful and painful. It is about the life of Martín Santomé, a widower of almost 50 years that caresses the increasingly early retirement and fantasizes, with some trepidation, with the hour of the arrival time of leisure, of living without the worry of work. Knows the work of this great uruguayan writer and fall in love with his work.

10. Dear Diego, you embrace Quiela, Elena Poniatowska

querido diego te abraza quiela libro

It tells of the deep love of the painter Angelina Beloff, Quiela, by the also famous painter Diego Rivera, who was her husband for 10 years and left to go to Mexico and never to return. A poignant story that will surely captivate you.