The ‘jeans-g-string’ became a reality; they are selling it for 168$!

In October 2017, the madness of a few pants-no-pants, or pants tanga, became a source of memes and generated all kinds of discussions about it. In the end the Internet decided: these are NOT pants that someone with common sense would use.

However, we are in an era in which “everything can be” and all respects, so that it remains for us to accept it and to present to you (drum rolls!): the american brand Carmar Demin already sells “jeans with cuts ends”… and people are buying!

The most amazing thing is that they are selling it for the “modest” amount of 168 usd. You may think that this is a luxury, considering that they are more air than demin jeans, but for some influencers of fashion there is no money worth when it comes to being on trend. Welcome to the future, these are the pants thong…

This was the look that we saw on the catwalk

mujer con camisa color beige y jeans rotos

And this is the look that proposes Carmar Demin

mujer con traje de baño y pantalón roto

And just as well dressed in the style of the bloggers fashion

mujer con traje de baño negro y pantalón roto

Let’s show off that tan!

mujer con traje de baño negro y pantalón roto

For what to wear shorts normal when you can use this… no?

mujer con top negro y pantalón roto en la playa

Perhaps the future in fashion we are already broke

mujer con short negro y pantalón roto

But to be honest, it is impossible to look “casual” in one of these

Mujer con playera amarilla y pantalón roto

So best smiles and POSES

mujer con playera negra y pantalón roto

Even Barbie has joined the trend!

muñeca barbie y pantalón roto

We refused to pay 168 dollars for “walking fashion”

mujer rubia con pantalones rotos

How you would you use?

Mujer rubia con confundida gif britney